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Safety Harbor Regional Day 2: Daring to Dream Again

Wednesday evening worship at the Safety Harbor Regional.

By Carl Stagner

Do you dream of a local church that is healthy and growing? Do you dream of unity across racial lines? Do you dream of those “greater works” that Jesus talked about, or victory in a particular spiritual battle? Wednesday, Day Two of the Church of God Regional Convention in Safety Harbor, Florida, was a day of rekindling the fire, reclaiming the passion, and resurrecting dreams once lost in a world prone to busyness, burnout, and a blurring of what matters most. Continue reading

The Truth that Both Hurts and Sets Free: OKC Regional Recap, Day 2

Jeff Whye preaching the truth that sets free.

By Carl Stagner

It wasn’t so much the wind sweepin’ through the plain, but there was quite a bit of rain at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City on Wednesday. Nevertheless, the dreary skies seemed to have little or no impact on the mood of those gathered for Day 2 of the Regional Convention of the Church of God; after all, God was busy raining down blessing after blessing throughout the day. From a riveting message by host pastor Marty Grubbs, to an evening graced with the amazing voices of Sandi Patty and Don Peslis, the closing day of #LifeOKC was anything but dreary. During the day and after the closing service, convention-goers absorbed as much as they possibly could from every hard-hitting sermon, uplifting worship song, meeting, seminar, reception, and divinely orchestrated encounter. As a result, the portion of the Church of God that chose to make the second of five Regional Conventions this year their event-of-choice went away with tablets full of notes and quotes, hearts full of awe and wonder, and stomachs full of great Oklahoma City barbecue. Continue reading

Convention Wednesday: A Walk-On-Water Kind of Day

Photo: Worship on Wednesday with Sarah Scharbrough McLaughlin (photo courtesy Ashley Cunnington).

By Carl Stagner

Day Two of CHOG Convention 2017 is now one for the history books. It wasn’t just an ordinary day at Central Community Church in Wichita, Kansas. This was a time of awakening to a new day which continues to unfold before our eyes. Focused on Jesus as the subject, churches across the movement are discovering a flag everyone can wave. The General Assembly, convention worship services, and extra events spread across the day each pointed to the centrality of Christ. So did the challenge Nick Vujicic issued for listeners to step out of the boat. Continue reading

Anderson Regional Day 2: A Movement Again

By Carl Stagner

Day Two of the Regional Convention of the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana, was met with classic camp meeting thunderstorms and classic camp meeting worship and fellowship. But those who gathered in the expanse of Madison Park Church of God on Wednesday, June 22, were also met with bold exhortation and moments of intense introspection. We were challenged to take a hard look at ourselves as individuals, local churches, and as a movement. Though uncomfortable at times, we were invited to take the dare to get off our donkeys, get our hands dirty, and carry out the radical task of reclamation. Continue reading

CHOG Convention 2014: Wednesday Wrap-Up, Thursday Thoughts


Photo: Danny AL-Naser speaks with Jim Lyon in an interview format. Danny shared Wednesday about his amazing conversion from Islam to Christianity.

By Carl Stagner

Guests of the Church of God Convention 2014 were doubly blessed on Wednesday, June 25 as Anne Graham Lotz returned to the pulpit for a second message. From Lotz’s presentation of Revelation 2 to the opportunity for every church to “Change a Life, Change the World” in their own innovative way, Wednesday could be characterized as practical, purposeful, and powerful. Wednesday also included the first business session of the General Assembly, the Heritage Sing-Along, several receptions, the commissioning of missionaries, and a compelling call to evangelism from speaker Dave Stone. Continue reading