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History Channel Series About Jesus’ Life Features AU Professor

Dr. Kimberly Majeski, associate professor of biblical studies, was recently invited by Nutopia films to contribute as a New Testament scholar in Jesus: His Life. This eight-part series to be aired on History, beginning March 25 and concluding on April 15, will bring together some of the world’s top scholars, historians, and faith leaders from diverse perspectives to tell the story of Jesus in a new and enlightening way. Continue reading

Church of God Teens Touch Paraguay through Spread the Word


Ever wonder what happens to the offerings given to Spread the Word? This youth-funded ministry reaches around the world with a direct impact on evangelism and discipleship. Funds that were distributed in Paraguay went to directly support Christian radio and television ministries of the Church of God. Marcos Kurrle, of Radio Alternativa and Channel 20, shares the following story of God’s hand at work through these ministries funded by Spread the Word: Continue reading