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The Future of Tech: Warner Pacific Launches SourceU

Ben Sand, Dr. Andrea Cook, Luke Goble

Warner Pacific University is excited to announce the launch of sourceU, a school of innovation and technology that will empower students with the right skills, education, and support to become leaders in tomorrow’s tech industry. In partnership with Portland, Oregon’s top code school, Epicodus, and the innovative team of cybersecurity professionals and educators at Riperia, sourceU combines the industry-focused skills that a code school brings with the supporting resources and expertise of a well-rounded Christian education from Warner Pacific University. Continue reading

Just Outside Yosemite National Park, Church Seeks to Restore the Wonder

Pastor Bruce Newton speaks about Restore the Wonder.

By Carl Stagner

Fourteen miles south of the entrance to Yosemite National Park at the base of the beautiful Sierra Nevada in central California, you’ll find a Church of God congregation ready and raring to restore the wonder. Not the restoration of a national park or other scenic location—Sierra Pines Church in Oakhurst, California, has set out to restore the wonder of an awesome God. In their community and society beyond, they’ve come to observe a lack of wonder, certainly among non-Christians, but even among born-again believers. Through extensive local and international outreach, apologetics, and innovation that has caught the attention of some of the folks at Disney, Sierra Pines Church isn’t content to be anywhere but at the leading edge of the kingdom. Continue reading

By Faith and Not by Sight: A Blind Minister’s Vision Realized


Photo: Sarah Blake LaRose

By Carl Stagner

A complication of premature birth, blindness has been an ever-present struggle for Sarah Blake LaRose. Though she’s had to endure the great challenges of blindness, and a variety of other physical hardships, she’s also seen clearly the beautiful nuances of life that many with fully functioning eyes may never see. Moreover, her contributions to society, particularly for the blind community, have been astounding. So astounding, in fact, that she was named one of this year’s Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award winners by the National Federation of the Blind. Sarah, who envisioned equal accessibility to scholarly study of the Bible for the blind, has, in many ways, herself contributed to the realization of that dream. Continue reading

North Carolina Church to Offer New High-Tech, Interactive Worship Service


By Tammie Gercken

Drexel First Church of God and Pastor Gary Campbell are following through on their vision of a better way to experience worship. They have created a contemporary worship program they call “The Venue,” and have invited the community to join them for worship starting Easter Sunday at 10:30 AM. Campbell explained that The Venue will take place simultaneously with the church’s traditional service. Continue reading

Subscribing to Prayer: An E-mail Ministry and the Man Behind It


By Emily Ploetz

Ding! Chirp! Buzz! Many of these sounds fly out of phones, tablets or laptops, announcing the latest e-mail to arrive in your inbox. Hundreds of thousands of e-mails are sent every day around the world for various reasons, such as business meetings, soccer games, or lunch outings with friends. David L. Coolidge regularly sends e-mails to more than 1,500 individual e-mail addresses across the Church of God. Many of the people who receive those e-mails forward them on to others, making it nearly impossible to know how many families Coolidge reaches. But why would someone go to the trouble of getting special permission from an Internet provider to send all of those e-mails? If you were to ask David Coolidge, it all comes down to one thing: prayer. Continue reading

Keys to Establishing a Multigenerational Congregation: Part Two


By Sean Johnson

Josiah enjoyed eggs, hash browns, sausage, and a liberal bowl of strawberries, as he intently watched the e-mail icon on his iPad. Pastor Johnson’s last blog post brightened his countenance, and he looked forward with great anticipation to continuing the discussion of maintaining community while building a multi-generational congregation. How did Soul-Winning do it? Can it be done at South Haven Church? The waitress placed another steaming cup of coffee in front Josiah, and before he could take a sip, “Bing!” Up popped the second blog post from Sean G.L. Johnson, associate pastor of Soul-Winning Church of God, with the subject line, “Four (More) Keys To Establishing Soul-Winning Church of God as a Multigenerational Congregation: Part Two.” Continue reading