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God is On the Move in Egypt

Jim Lyon speaks to leaders in Egypt.

By Ken Oldham

The birth of the Protestant Reformation is attributed to Martin Luther nailing his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Church (Germany) on October 31, 1517. All across the region, this 500th anniversary has been remembered, and the evangelical churches in Egypt began planning months ago to have a special event of their own, encouraging each church group to seek international guests to join the celebration. The Church of God in Egypt was delighted to have Global Strategy regional coordinator Patrick Nachtigall, U.S.-Canada general director Jim Lyon, and Pastor Marcus Archer of Crosspoint Church (Natchez, Mississippi) accept their invitation to join the celebration, November 17–19, in Cairo. Continue reading

CHOG Youth Enable Kingdom Advancement in Mexico


Photo: Spread the Word team on Mexico trip this year.

The Youth Network Team of the Church of God recently traveled to Eagle Pass, Texas, and crossed the border to Piedras Negras, Mexico, for a time of training, planning, and outreach. This effort was part of the Spread the Word (STW) initiative. Since 2002, Church of God students and their leaders have given more than $775,000 through STW for tools for evangelism. One of the primary reasons for this trip was to see STW funds in action and to hand off the Five Principle Training system.

Continue reading

Jamaica Church of God Hosts First National Youth Convention


Photo: Spread the Word team with Jamaican students who are sporting their STW shirts.

By Tami Byrd

At the end of September, the Church of God in Jamaica held their first-ever national youth convention. Members of the Youth Ministry and Youth Network Teams of the Church of God participated in the leadership of the historic event. Continue reading

Spread the Word Hosts Interactive Experience at Global Gathering


By Tami Byrd

At the Spread the Word connector on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 25, participants were given the opportunity to see how God is at work around the world through this primarily student-funded organization. Since Spread the Word was launched at IYC 2002, Church of God students have been making an eternal investment by sending tools for evangelism across the globe. More than $650,000 has been given, with equipment now in use in thirty-four countries. Continue reading