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AU Student Group Fights Trafficking, Experiences Church on the Street


Photo: Bound members at Art in the Park, Atlanta.

By Carl Stagner

Some students gather to play chess, raise support for sports programs, or promote social activities and events. Bound is different. The Anderson University student-run, extra-curricular group has sought to put a dent in the epidemic of trafficking since the 2011-2012 school year. Started by now-Global Strategy missionary to Germany, Audrey Weiger, the group was actively championing the cause for freedom before CHOG TraffickLight came on the scene. From raising awareness to raising dollars, Bound is offering more and more hands-on assistance for Stripped Love in central Indiana. Not content to simply read or hear about what God is accomplishing in the work beyond Indiana, the group recently took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia, to experience Church on the Street firsthand. It was an experience they’ll never forget. Continue reading

CHOG TraffickLight: New Drop-in Center Extends Stripped Love’s Reach


Photo: Stripped Love’s central Indiana outreach team.

By Carl Stagner

When Kimberly Majeski and a few friends from Madison Park Church of God first stepped foot onto the property of a strip club in Anderson, Indiana, they couldn’t have imagined the scope of what they were getting themselves into. Six years later, the impact of Stripped Love is reaching across the country, inspiring new ministries, and celebrating changed lives. This Church of God TraffickLight partner has now grown to the point of needing a place where women can find fellowship, refuge, resources, and counseling. In March, community and Church of God organizations and individuals came together to celebrate the grand opening of Stripped Love’s drop-in center in Anderson. Continue reading

CHOG TraffickLight: Stripped Love Offers Sunday Suppers


By Katy Hagerman

Since women who work in the sex trade often work from late on Saturday to early Sunday morning, a traditional church service on Sunday morning just doesn’t work for them. Stripped Love, the ministry of CHOG TraffickLight led by Kimberly Majeski in Anderson, Indiana, came up with a creative response—Sunday Suppers. This new initiative began in June, allowing these women to come to church and fellowship, but at a nontraditional time. Sunday Suppers have been held from 6:00 to 7:30 PM, and include free child care for the women and all-you-can-eat food. Instead of a tradition Sunday sermon, Sunday Suppers is similar to a devotion time with the women reading from the Bible, sharing stories and struggles, and praying for each other. Continue reading

Would Jesus Hang Out in a Strip Club?


Photo: Stripped Love ministry in Anderson, Indiana.

By Kimberly Majeski

A recent blog post from www.christianitytoday.com titled “Three Views: Would Jesus Hang Out in a Strip Club?” shared different perspectives on outreach evangelism. The following is a response to the post, written by Dr. Kimberly Majeski, professor of biblical studies at Anderson University School of Theology and CEO of Stripped Love. Read the article from Christianity Today at www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2014/july-august/thre-views-would-jesus-hang-out-in-strip-club.html.

In a word, yes! I have seen Jesus in a strip club, many times over. Jesus, the flesh and blood manifestation of the wisdom of God, will be found where he said he’d be, bringing good news to the poor, sight to the blind, encouragement to the oppressed, and freedom to the captives, and proclaiming the Jubilee Luke 4.16–19). Jesus resides wherever broken people are, wherever pain and loss and despair seek to stifle out all light and hope and love, that’s what Jesus does, that’s who Jesus has always been and will always be. Continue reading