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Missouri Church Holds VBS for Kids with Special Needs

VBS 2017 at South Side Church of God.

By Lydia Sergeant

South Side Church of God in St. Louis, Missouri, held a fantastic Vacation Bible School late in the summer. This was their second year to host a Bible school that not only included children from their own church, but also families of children with special needs. Continue reading

Ferguson, MO-Area Pastor Calls Church, Community to Reconciliation


Photo: First Church of God community Thanksgiving meal.

By Carl Stagner

August 9, 2014. That was the day Michael Brown was shot and killed in a city which has sadly become emblematic of recent racial tensions in our country. Ferguson, Missouri, drew massive media attention in the days and weeks following the tragedy, but there was one near-tragedy that took place in another St. Louis, Missouri-area municipality which few know about. Five days earlier, Brian Burton found himself looking into the barrel of a gun which discharged; no explanation as to why the officer’s gun went off, nor why there was no bullet to be found. But Brian Burton, now pastor of First Church of God in St. Louis, considers it only by the grace of God that he’s alive today. Based on his perspectives growing up within a few minutes of Ferguson, as well as his experience leading a multicultural church today, Pastor Brian offers a clarion call to the church for reconciliation. Continue reading

St. Louis, Missouri: VBS Has Left the Building


By Carl Stagner

A few years ago, South Side Church of God in St. Louis, Missouri, poured significant resources into marketing their summer Vacation Bible School. VBS attendance had waned, and nearly all participation came from the children of the church. They determined to make sure every family in the area knew about VBS at South Side. After hand-delivering 1,500 flyers to homes in the community, reality hit them square in the face. Not uncommon to cities across the country, it seemed that the church on every corner was holding a VBS. South Side was in competition with the other, larger churches with bigger budgets and more to attract children. That summer, two families ended up coming from the community—and they only came because they mistakenly thought they’d come to a church down the street from South Side. Maybe there was a better way. Maybe God was calling South Side Church of God to take VBS on the road. Continue reading

Church of God Pastor’s Wife Pens Mystery Novel


By Carl Stagner

Watch out. There’s a pastor’s wife on the loose, and she’s wanted for the murder of an old high school friend. But she claims innocence. Yet while she attempts to discover who actually committed the crime, she puts herself in grave danger. Fortunately the experiences of this pastor’s wife are purely fictional, but the author who penned the new mystery novel from the perspective of the parsonage is 100-percent real. Carole Morden, wife of South Side Church of God pastor John Morden in St. Louis, Missouri, dared to practice what she preached to her small group and, as a result, saw her manuscript get published. Continue reading

Notice: St. Louis, Michigan Camp Meeting Not Canceled

Reports have recently circulated that the St. Louis, Michigan camp meeting will not be held this year. The board of directors for the camp assures the public that these rumors are not true. The camp meeting will be held August 2–10, 2012, at the St. Louis Camp Ground, 8489 N Bagley Rd, St. Louis, MI 48880. The camp grounds opened on May 12 for the 2012 camping season. Continue reading