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Unexpected Journeys Lead Pastor to Niche in Teaching, Blogging

Scott Beha

By Carl Stagner

Southridge Church is a thriving Church of God congregation nestled in South Charleston, West Virginia. On Easter Sunday, they rejoiced to welcome over 700 for worship, an all-time high. Already this year, the church has celebrated the baptism of 20 believers. Eighteen months ago, small-group participation had declined to about 60; since then, the number of participants has topped 200. Outreach into a women’s recovery center has brought more than 150 additional guests, many of whom have since been saved and baptized. A strong partnership with an elementary school has helped the church make major strides in the advancement of the kingdom, even as the school permitted the church to host an Easter egg hunt for students during the school day! Lead executive pastor Michael Coker and lead teaching pastor Scott Beha are thrilled to be a part of Southridge during such an exciting time in the church’s history. But Scott wouldn’t have been there to experience it firsthand, except for a series of unexpected journeys that also helped him find a God-ordained niche in teaching and blogging. Continue reading

UPDATE: Disaster Relief Following West Virginia Floods


Photo: Teays Valley Church volunteers loading relief supplies.

By Carl Stagner

Sometimes the greatest ministry moments happen in the midst of the greatest tragedy. Bob Daniels, pastor of Highland First Church of God in Rainelle, West Virginia, says it’s their story. It’s also been true for Scott Beha, who serves as teaching pastor of Southridge Church in South Charleston, West Virginia. Though Highland First Church suffered some structural damage, they’re doing what they can to help others displaced and in great need. Though Southridge Church didn’t suffer structural damage, they’ve dropped everything to reach out to homeowners and churches—whether a part of the Church of God movement or not—and make a difference in the name of Jesus. Christ-followers in West Virginia are now rejoicing that, in addition to homeowners receiving help and hope, some are also receiving Christ as Savior and Lord. Continue reading

CHOG Convention 2014: A Step in the Right Direction


By Marc Sundstrom

When I first heard the announcement that the Church of God Convention was moving to Oklahoma City this year, I was, like many people, more than a little surprised. It was a bold move, but I believe it is a good move, and I am excited about the changes I see from Church of God Ministries in the last six months. The rationale and the data that was later shared in support of the move gave me even more confidence in the future of the Church of God. We have an excellent new leader, and I am delighted that maintaining the status quo is not on the agenda for Jim Lyon or the Ministries Council. I’m not an advocate of the “change for the sake of change” model at all, but I’m refreshed by the courage to try big things in order to bring much-needed change to one of the most important internal elements of the Church of God. Continue reading