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Bulgaria: Doing Christmas Differently


Photo: Stolipinovo Christmas 2014.

By Kathy Simpson

As we drove up to the church on Christmas night, the building appeared completely dark. Although the Turkish-speaking congregation doesn’t adhere to the Western concept of time, we were surprised that the building wasn’t open at ten minutes before the scheduled start. Then we saw a sliver of light through a gap around a window. The inside was fully illuminated, but we couldn’t tell that through the shuttered windows. No, the congregation isn’t trying to hide its light under a bushel. They are just tired of replacing broken glass. Continue reading

One Touch Makes a World of a Difference


By Kathy Simpson

While we are in the United States visiting churches, we enjoy telling stories from our ministry in Bulgaria. But we are also blessed by stories of God’s work right here. Recently “Jeanne” asked us about the Turkish-speaking minority group called gypsies by most Europeans. Then she shared her own experience. Continue reading