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Growing Spokane Church on Front Lines of Freedom Fight

Pastor Randy Hood preaches at New Horizons Community Church.

By Carl Stagner

The status quo isn’t good enough for New Horizons Community Church. Whether you’re talking about the congregation itself, the progress in the fight against human trafficking, or the condition of their surrounding community, the Church of God congregation on the northwest side of Spokane, Washington, believes God has more in store. So, as they finalize preparations to enhance their fifteen-acre property, they’ve determined not to pull back forces from the front lines of the fight for freedom. Instead, they’re all the more resolved to support anti-trafficking efforts to the point of putting other pursuits on the back burner. Continue reading

A Call to Purity for 2017 and Beyond


By Levi Scott

Angela Lu, writer of the World news article “Connecting the dots between sex trafficking and pornography,” quoted that 87 percent of male and 31 percent of female college students watch pornography. Even more men and women outside the college environment are participating in this media—a practice that is endangering the way we look at each other as human beings. God surely knew what he was doing when he called each of us to purity. Continue reading

Exposing the Link Between Pornography and Sex Trafficking


By Levi Scott

Although there is no longer legally sanctioned slavery in the United States, it persists among us, under the radar. According to a 2015 CNN report, “Sex-Trafficking: The New American Slavery,” the sex trafficking industry in Atlanta, Georgia, alone was worth 290 million dollars. And that was the year 2007. While few of us in churches are going to street corners in red light districts, a surprisingly high number of Christians are involved in viewing pornography, which has a major impact on the demand for, and the profit of, sex trafficking. Continue reading

Change Begins with Me: Reflections from the CWC Immersion Trip to Berlin


Photo: CWC team in Berlin prays together.

By Kirsten Harmon

Imagine being trapped in a foreign country, unable to speak the language, forced to do a job that is unclean and dangerous. Perhaps you want to change your life, but your every moment, choice, and penny is controlled by a person that could easily beat you—even take your life. Say you somehow did escape, and made your way to a new neighborhood or town. You now have no home, no money, no life or job skills, no friends or family. There is a constant fear of being found. The only way you can think of to make a living would take you right back to the very life you’ve just fled. You feel powerless, helpless, worthless. Continue reading

Setting Captives Free: Hope Ranch’s Mane Objective


Photo: Don, one of Hope Ranch’s horses.

By Carl Stagner

The trauma inflicted upon victims of sex trafficking is often beyond horrific. Women and children as young as eight are forced into situations no one should ever have to experience. The hurt that remains after a victim is rescued runs deep, and emotional and psychological scars are often permanent. Sometimes a counselor can help. Sometimes a psychologist can help. Believers can certainly help to reinforce the hope that is found in Christ. Sometimes, however, the best kind of help comes from a horse. Continue reading

Sex Trafficking: Global Crisis, Local Reality


By Penny Hood

In 2010 God placed me in the position of development manager for a nonprofit that addresses sex trafficking. I knew nothing of the issue but quickly became aware of the span of this dark industry. In the following years, I began offering my grant-writing services to other charities that are also in this battle to rescue and reclaim lives held in bondage. One of the organizations I began to work with is Not Abandoned, out of Kirkland, Washington. Jeff McKinley, the executive director of Not Abandoned, shared that he has traveled the world as a missions coordinator and determined that the most disturbing human conditions he saw were in the red light districts of southeast Asia. Continue reading