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Registration Now Open for 2016 Regional CHOG Conventions

Registration for the 2016 regional conventions of the Church of God is now open! Register for any or all of the three locations by clicking here. Check in often for updates on schedule, leadership, lodging, and other important details for these great Church of God gatherings in 2016!

Independent by Design, Cooperative by Choice: Yearbook and Registration


By Carl Stagner

It’s not a census. It’s not Social Security. It has nothing to do with the title on your car, and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ve just signed a creed, signed up for selective service, or directed shoppers to buy pink onesies for your newborn. It has been said that we Church of God congregations function independently by design, but cooperatively by choice. That means that we don’t have to work together, but we choose to cooperate to further the kingdom of God. We know we can’t do it alone. Yet we don’t know very much about ourselves if ministers and churches overlook the need for annual registration—registration that has historically helped Church of God Ministries produce a Yearbook. Continue reading

CHOG Convention 2015: Single-Session Tickets Now Available

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By Carl Stagner

We get it. You’ve got a career, family, and church activities to juggle. Either toddlers are tugging at your shirt, or your boss is making your phone ring nonstop. Your children need to be chauffeured from place to place, and you just don’t have the paid leave to make a great escape. Besides that, you may be the shepherd of the local flock, and they’re depending on you for spiritual nourishment during the week. That’s why Church of God Ministries is pleased to announce that single-session tickets are now available for Church of God Convention 2015. Continue reading

CHOG Convention 2015: Retired Ministers, Spouses Offered Reduced Registration


By Carl Stagner

Decades of faithful service to the kingdom of God have not been forgotten. For thousands of pastors across the movement, blessings realized today have only been made possible because of those who paved the way before them. Though no one could ever thank our retired ministers enough for their commitment to the Church of God, one simple gesture of appreciation has just been announced. Church of God Ministries is pleased to offer a reduced registration rate for retired ministers and their spouses until June 15. All you need to do is call Church of God Ministries at 800-848-2464, and ask for your retired minister registration rate! Continue reading

UPDATE: Church of God Yearbook



• For more than one hundred years, it’s been one of the key connections in the ministry life of the Church of God.

• It provides mission-critical information for our church body: how we are organized and where we can go for answers, assistance, and direction.

• It tells a story: about who we are as a fellowship and about the partnerships that unite us in ministry. Continue reading

CHOG Convention 2015: Deadline Approaches; Clergy Spouse Info


By Carl Stagner

Attention, General Assembly members, pastors, and churches: The deadline for early-bird registration for Church of God Convention 2015 is March 31. Visit www.chogconvention.org today to secure your early-bird rate. Attention, spouses of ministers: You’re not alone. Your unique story—with all those wonderful, and not-so-wonderful, moments—isn’t so unique after all. Wives and husbands of ministers fromacross the Church of God will soon have the chance to meet, share common experiences, and encourage one another. On Tuesday, June 23, during the convention in Oklahoma City, share in the blessing of a special breakfast, as well as the company of some special guests. Continue reading

Church and Minister Registration 2015: Patience and Grace Requested


By Bob Moss

At Church of God Ministries, we are mindful that there have been some frustrations with minister and church registrations this year. Perhaps the following words will give needed perspective:

In 1965 my parents took our family on a big adventure. We left Warren, Ohio, in our new Ford station wagon with a pop-up tent camper in tow. Our destination was California via Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone Park, and other sites of interest.   Continue reading