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First of Three Regional Conventions Kicks Off in Vancouver


By Carl Stagner

Reports on the ground indicate that hundreds of Church of God people are making their way to Vancouver Church in Vancouver, Washington, for the first of three Regional Conventions scheduled for 2016. Anticipation is higher than ever for the speakers who will address the convention theme—Reclaim Your Neighbor[hood]—including Milton Grannum, Ben Hardman, Arnetta McNeese Bailey, Steve Arterburn, and Reggie McNeal. Many will also stick around for the CHOG Table on Thursday, as the discussion turns to the timely topic of sexual ethics. The first session of the Regional Convention begins tonight at 7:00 PM PDT with Milton Grannum speaking and Alanna Story leading worship. Continue reading

Registration Now Open for 2016 Regional CHOG Conventions

Registration for the 2016 regional conventions of the Church of God is now open! Register for any or all of the three locations by clicking here. Check in often for updates on schedule, leadership, lodging, and other important details for these great Church of God gatherings in 2016!