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From the Archives: Core Questions We Must Ask About Our Movement


By John Boedeker

“The Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come!’” The church of the living God has always had a life-changing message. Come to the Bread of Life! Come to the Living Water! Come to the Prince of Peace! Come and you will be satisfied, and sent to say, “Come” to others.

The church lives in a world of crisis and need as if it has a right to exist in, of, and for itself to support its own interests. Apart from the indwelling, cleansing, enabling breath of the living God, the church has no life. Continue reading

Town Hall Meeting Insists, “Go Ahead, Ask Anything!”


By Carl Stagner

On June 21, 2011, Jim Lyon released a groundbreaking book audaciously titled Go Ahead, Ask Anything. In response to a poll that captured both local and national data, Go Ahead, Ask Anything sought to biblically answer the top ten answers to the tough questions of life. Since his selection for general director of Church of God Ministries, Jim held a town hall meeting at the Global Gathering, embarked on a listening tour to hear from the Church of God in the United States and around the world, contributed to several articles and publications, and issued an open letter on Facebook and CHOGnews.org in which he reflected on the first one hundred days in office. At this year’s Church of God Convention in Oklahoma City, Jim continues to encourage dialogue and open exchange in another town hall meeting. Continue reading