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Disaster Response Sustains Haiti Hospital through Recent Crisis

Hospital of the Church of God in Haiti.

By Mark Fulton

Responses to crises vary wildly. In February 2019, a faction of the general populous of Haiti responded to economic and governmental crises with a long period of violent protests and roadblocks, leading to advisories from the US Embassy, to all people, to “shelter in place.” In the midst of the uncertain times, the Hospital of the Church of God struggled to continue its normal daily functions. Continue reading

CHOG Congregations Offer Hope, Healing for Baltimore


By Carl Stagner

It’s been all over the news. You’ve no doubt seen the coverage of the protests and the riots that rocked Baltimore, Maryland, for several weeks. On April 19, 2015, twenty-five-year-old Freddie Gray died following injuries sustained while in police custody five days earlier. Navigating the maze of media punditry has been no easy task in the weeks since the tragedy. Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, one thing is abundantly clear: where and when Jesus Christ is the subject, light has permeated the darkness. Though it was the looting and hostility that dominated television screens across the country, our Church of God congregations on the ground tell a different story—a story of hope and healing. Continue reading

CHOG Contact Addresses Hong Kong Protests


Photo: Hong Kong skyline at night. (stock image)

By Carl Stagner

Protesters lining the central corridor of Hong Kong know full well that the world is watching. Media outlets across the United States and around the world are covering the activists both from a distance and on the ground. Thousands of people supporting the Occupy Movement have rallied themselves around democracy and universal suffrage. Whether or not believers in Hong Kong want to get wrapped up in the matter, they also feel the impact of the hot-button issues of the day. Our Church of God contact on the ground offers unique insights from a kingdom perspective. Continue reading