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Combined Efforts Lead Egypt Church Out from Under Rickety Rooftop


Photo: The El Dara congregation crowded into their old building.

By Carl Stagner

Things are changing for the better in Egypt. Recent legislation has relaxed laws that formerly constricted the ability of churches to build or renovate. The only legal religions in Egypt—Islam, Judaism, and Christianity—maintain a unique coexistence, even as only 10 percent of the country profess Christ. Intending to promote peace among all three, the government made a practice of assessing the majority population in the area surrounding a building project of a religious entity—would such a building bring conflict or disrupt the peace in any way? Now that regulative barriers have been removed, the Church of God in Egypt is hopeful that much-needed renovation can take place with several church facilities, and that multiplication can take place with future church planting. Continue reading

Hospital Expansion to Promote Physical, Spiritual Healing in Haiti


Photo: Mark Fulton offering physical and spiritual hope and healing.

By Carl Stagner

For more than half a century, the Church of God has enjoyed an incredible history in Haiti. From church planting to the establishment of schools, God continues to be on the move in the Caribbean nation, which unfortunately has become associated with natural disasters over the past several years—even the past few weeks. While Haiti continues cleanup efforts in the wake of Hurricane Matthew and grieves the loss of more than a thousand of their own, there is good news coming out of the community of St. Ard. The Church of God hospital, which has seen more than 100,000 different patients since it opened its doors in July 2005, is setting its sights on expanding. God has given the ministry, which is currently open five days a week, the exciting vision to become a 24-7 hospital and further promote physical and spiritual healing in Haiti. Continue reading

New Taiwan Mission Center to Train, Equip Chinese Pastors


Image: Rendering of the new Mission Center.

By Carl Stagner

There was no other feasible option. To nurture and develop young ministers in mainland China, Pastor Alan had to carefully cross national borders with resources, tools, and insights. Though it wasn’t the safest route, it was safer than the alternative. As government restrictions have relaxed and international relationships have changed, God has presented the Church of God with an opportunity to better train and equip more Chinese pastors than ever before. Through Global Strategy’s Project Link, the Church of God is now in the early stages of making a Taiwan Mission Center a reality. For the first time in recent history, Chinese pastors will be able to gather in Taiwan to grow as Christ-centered leaders in Asia. Continue reading

The Shelter, Cuttack, India: See it for Yourself!


By Carl Stagner

You’ve heard the stories. You’ve seen the pictures. Nothing can compare, however, to seeing it for yourself. The Shelter in Cuttack, India, has protected the lives of countless girls for more than a hundred years. Church of God Ministries is excited to make it possible for you to visit the Shelter this coming February for the experience of a lifetime. Project Link connects your passion, for ministry and missions, with vital mission projects of the Church of God. After a year of fighting against human trafficking, it’s time to see the faces of those we’re fighting for! Continue reading

Prevention in Paraguay: Rescuing Children Before They’re Hurt


Photo: Cristiane Kurrle and family.

By Carl Stagner

Benjamin Franklin is known for coining the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Many are unaware that this bit of wisdom was imparted in the context of firefighting. Families that suffered house fires in Franklin’s Philadelphia found it very difficult to put their lives back together.* South of the equator, there’s another kind of fire that needs to be extinguished—and prevented. Cristiane Kurrle is trying to raise awareness among families, schools, businesses, and churches of warning signs that indicate children may be at risk for sexual abuse. Her efforts in Paraguay are rescuing children from abuse and trafficking before it happens. Continue reading

Heroes in Haiti: Harsh Realities, Heavenly Rewards


Photo: Pastor St. Dieu

By Carl Stagner

“We don’t realize what can happen to us in a flash.” Phyllis Newby’s words echo the harsh reality of conducting day-to-day ministry in Haiti. While pastors in the United States spend much of their week casting vision, strategizing mission, and preparing sermons—all important tasks—pastors in Haiti work through multiple uncertainties, and often face dangerous conditions as the hands and feet of Christ. One Haitian hero of the faith, who has learned to overcome unpredictable challenges, is Pastor St. Dieu. After last year’s floodwaters had receded, St. Dieu and his team began working their way across a river to deliver emergency supplies to the needy. What happened next may send chills down your spine. Continue reading