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Church of God in Bulgaria Celebrates 100 Years

By Kathy Rankin Simpson

Editor’s Note—Kathy and her husband Dave were missionaries in Bulgaria for ten years in the early 2000s.

As Dave and I depart for Bulgaria, we are so happy to be carrying a flash drive with a video greeting from the general director Jim Lyon and Church of God Ministries. The Bulgarians will be blessed to know that the 100th anniversary of the Church of God in Bulgaria is recognized by fellow believers so far away. To them it will be an affirmation of their worth and their place in the Movement. Continue reading

Plovdiv Gathering Brings Together the Body


By Kathy Simpson

Seventy-seven people might not seem like much of a crowd, but it was a grand turnout for the Bulgarian Church of God. Folks came from eight of the nine congregations for our local Global Gathering in Plovdiv on June 22, 2013. Travel is much more difficult in Bulgaria than in North America. A journey of one hundred kilometers (sixty-two miles) can require two or more hours. The price of gasoline, over $8.00 per gallon, is a huge problem for these impoverished people. But they came from Gabrovo, Ivailo, Pazardjik, Sofia, and other towns to attend the largest unity event in anyone’s memory. Continue reading