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From the Archives: Now I Am Truly Free

By Phyllis Kardatzke Miller

When a person is confronted with the claims of Jesus on his life, he makes a choice—he either accepts or rejects. There is no gray area in between of “tabling for future reference.” After seeing there is one way (and a very narrow way it is!), the person who understands that God is calling him to repentance and consciously takes the truth “under advisement” is choosing not to believe, and seeking his own approach to God. Continue reading

Reflections on the Life and Legacy of Arlo Newell

Arlo Newell

By Carl Stagner

The late pastor and CBH speaker Dale Oldham published a book in 1973 titled Giants Along My Path. Many in the Church of God have since used the terminology to describe, as Oldham did, those who have profoundly shaped, influenced, and inspired their lives and ministries. On Monday, October 1, 2018, the Church of God movement learned that Dr. Arlo Newell had passed away. While heaven gained a hero, we lost one of our giants. A comprehensive list of his accomplishments would certainly fill volumes; a summary of his contributions to the Movement he loved would be inadequate. Yet in the lingering shadow of such a giant, it would be nearly impossible not to offer a few reflections now on the life and legacy of Arlo Newell. Continue reading

Scrubbing Away Mom’s Stress: Churches Reach Out with MOPS

Photo: MOPS ministry at Madison Park Church of God.

By Karen Roberts

An older woman approached the MOPS display table in the foyer of a local Church of God. “So, are you selling cleaning products?” she asked. Her question is common. The answer is surprising. No, it’s not a floor product company. Yes, it’s a group for moms with small children that meets in local host churches to teach and encourage women—literally all around the world. Many Church of God congregations are discovering the power of the ministry to reach new families in their community. Continue reading

Park Place Anderson: More Than Bricks, Wooden Pews, and a Rich Heritage


Photo: Inside Park Place Church of God.

By Carl Stagner

If you’ve been to the campus of Anderson University, you’ve probably noticed the towering presence of Park Place Church of God at the west end of Fifth Street. Chances are you’ve been inside the building, the original portion of which dates back to 1906. While some may have come to associate the church with eras gone by, they’re only seeing a very small picture. Though some may see the congregation as just a campus church, locals know the truth. Indeed, the heritage of Park Place is rich and beautiful, and many AU students and professors attend services. But the real story is the incredible impact this multigenerational church is having on its community today. Continue reading

Church of God Families Offer Hope to Children, Parents in Crisis


By Carl Stagner

The church used to do it. Government stepped in, however, where the church left off. In the past fifty years—at least—churches became more and more inward-focused, sheltering themselves from a “contaminated” world. But it didn’t used to be that way. Orphanages were established by believers. God’s people were once the loudest champions for the poor and afflicted. Too often in recent years the church has run away from problems it once ran toward. Several Church of God families and their congregations have discovered one avenue consistently taking things in a different direction. They’ve partnered with Safe Families for Children to care for children from homes caught in the midst of crisis. A redemptive solution to the need for foster care, Safe Families is now being offered as an effective resource for the Church of God movement through Be Bold Academy. Continue reading

It Takes a Team: An Interview with CHOG Ministries’ Brenda Ginn


By Carl Stagner

How much do you know about what goes on inside the office at Church of God Ministries? Who conducts necessary office work so others may travel the world with the hope of Christ? It’s the behind-the-scenes work that enables Church of God Ministries to carry out the work of Christ. When you support the unrestricted portion of the World Ministry Fund, you support our missionaries, our projects at home and abroad, and so much more. In the following interview, get to know one of the faces behind the scenes. Her name is Brenda Ginn, and your support of the “basic budget” makes her vital ministry possible. Continue reading

Subscribing to Prayer: An E-mail Ministry and the Man Behind It


By Emily Ploetz

Ding! Chirp! Buzz! Many of these sounds fly out of phones, tablets or laptops, announcing the latest e-mail to arrive in your inbox. Hundreds of thousands of e-mails are sent every day around the world for various reasons, such as business meetings, soccer games, or lunch outings with friends. David L. Coolidge regularly sends e-mails to more than 1,500 individual e-mail addresses across the Church of God. Many of the people who receive those e-mails forward them on to others, making it nearly impossible to know how many families Coolidge reaches. But why would someone go to the trouble of getting special permission from an Internet provider to send all of those e-mails? If you were to ask David Coolidge, it all comes down to one thing: prayer. Continue reading

On Eagle’s Wings: TSA Admin John Pistole’s Church of God Roots


Photo: John S. Pistole (TSA)

By Carl Stagner

Did you know that the current administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) finds his roots in the Church of God? He’s the son of a Church of God pastor and graduate of Anderson University. Some of his earliest memories take him back to Park Place Church of God in Anderson, and today he connects from time to time with the Church of God in Fairfax, Virginia. Every day John Pistole is faced with tremendous challenges and great responsibility. He credits the Lord and the Church of God for preparing him for the task. Continue reading

Announcing Joshua and Audrey Weiger: Missionaries to Germany


Photo: Joshua and Audrey Weiger with daughter Emma.

NAME: Joshua and Audrey Weiger

COUNTRY: Germany

ASSIGNMENT: Joshua will head up a network that supports youth leaders in Europe and the Middle East as well as youth. Audrey will use her business and management skills to assist in the ministry with women caught in sex trafficking and in organizational and administrative work for the Three Worlds region. Continue reading