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From the Archives: Mission and Ministry in Front of Our Eyes


By Jeff Frymire

There are times when we need to stop looking at ourselves in the mirror and put up a window to the world and see what is really going on outside of ourselves.

When God called Moses into ministry, he didn’t send him across the sea. He sent him back to his own people and to the land of his birth. His ministry had been right in front of him. God gave him a tool to use that would ignite amazing and miraculous events. The tool was the stick right there in his own hand. After God turned it into a snake and back again, Moses realized that, with God on his side, he had all the resources he needed right there in front of him. Continue reading

From the Archives: Will the Church of God Survive Till 2005?


By Sam Collins

I’m really bad at forecasting the future. If I’d been around when Moses and the Hebrew children were setting out for the Promised Land, I’d have predicted four hundred more years of Egyptian bondage and a lot of wasted change-of-address cards once Pharaoh’s chariots caught up with them.

As lousy as I am at predicting the future, I’m not alone. For every on-the-mark public projection, there are scores that are as accurate as a tax form completed by inebriated gerbils (interestingly, government records indicate that sober gerbils are rarely if ever audited by the IRS). Continue reading