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Pakistan: Educators Celebrate Pastors, Invest in Leadership Development

Dr. MaryAnn Hawkins teaches in Pakistan.

By Carl Stagner

Earlier this year, we brought you the story of “Facebook Seminary”—an innovative, online approach to providing quality education to pastors-in-training in Pakistan. Every Saturday evening during their semester, they gather around a screen to learn under the teaching of Anderson University adjunct professor, Dr. Sarah Blake LaRose. The George Theological College in Karachi, Pakistan, originally hoped that a theological professor from the United States could actually come and teach for at least a year, but the costs were prohibitive. Thus, the Facebook idea was born. Sarah has now taught the Pakistani students for three semesters using the free video option of Facebook Messenger. Continue reading

Ohio Begins Search for New Director of State Ministries


Dear Leaders in the Church of God,

Greetings from the state of Ohio and the Search Committee for the director of Ohio Ministries.

We want to inform you that the Search Committee for the new director of ministries for Ohio Ministries has begun meeting, prayerfully taking on the mission of replacing our current, retiring director of ministries, Dr. Randy Spence. Continue reading