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Renovation for a Church, Renewal for Far Rockaway

Pastor Arthur Davenport speaks at the building dedication.

By Emily Ploetz

On Sunday morning, October 8, worship filled the room in the First Church of God of Far Rockaway, New York. The service was unlike any typical Sunday morning gathering for a very special reason, six months in the making! Far Rockaway had been under a full-scale renovation for half a year and, after everything had been completed, Pastor Arthur Davenport invited the congregation to join in a procession of prayer and worship. There was much rejoicing at this celebration because everyone there knew that God had blessed them in so many ways. Continue reading

Veteran Church of God Pastor Honored by West Point


Photo: Dan Whiting speaks at West Point in late October 2016.

By Carl Stagner

Being accepted for admission to the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point is an exceptional honor reserved for our nation’s most promising students. But it takes more than excellent grades to be accepted for admission. West Point wants leaders who are not only intelligent, but those who are physically fit and of outstanding character.

Those are pretty high standards expressed on the front page of the West Point website. Still, Dan Whiting, executive pastor of Clarkston Community Church in Clarkston, Michigan, was one of those exceptional students to receive the honor of admission to West Point. Recently he was honored again by the prestigious institution when asked to speak at the chapel of his class reunion. Dan’s remarks at the special service reflect the heart of a man shaped by his military experience but transformed by Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Glitz, Glamour, and Glory to God! NY Pastor Tailors Message to Women


Photo: Tatum Osbourne

By Carl Stagner

Fashion advice. Hairstyle tips. Makeup how-tos. Health and business headlines. Not exactly what you’d expect from a ministry publication. Perhaps that’s, in part, why Tatum Osbourne, CEO and founder of BE U Enterprises, chooses to include these items in her magazine. Through the magazine, seminars, and online communication, Tatum’s ministry reaches women where they are, and then teaches them to glorify God in every area of their lives. Continue reading

Christians Under Attack in Congo; Hurricane Sandy Impacts Ministry in New York

FloodStockPhoto_Morguefile_ FORWEB

Christians are under attack in Congo.

As you are reading this, our brothers and sisters in the eastern area of the Democratic Republic of Congo are fleeing their homes and villages to avoid violent guerilla attacks in the region. According to Tim and Colleen Stevenson, our missionaries to Uganda, rebel fighters, believed to be backed by the neighboring country of Rwanda, are wreaking havoc, terrorizing the people in the Goma and Sake areas of the Congo (DR). This group is extremely dangerous and is targeting Christians and church leaders in the Congo (DR). Continue reading

New Hope in New York


By Carl Stagner

Since 1909, First Church of God in Far Rockaway, New York, has faithfully proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only have they kept a dynamic work going for more than a century, but they have also developed more and better disciples. Many of these disciples have become pastors and other ministry leaders. It’s not enough for First Church to exist; they feel compelled to meet the needs of the community around them. It’s not enough for First Church to preach the Word of God; they are committed to raising up new leaders in the ministry. Continue reading