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Initial Reports Offer Glimpse of Freedom Sunday 2017 Impact

Photo: Creative Freedom Sunday approach in Indianapolis.

By Carl Stagner

The Church of God first took a stand against human trafficking in India more than a century ago. With the inception of CHOG Trafficklight in recent years, the issue has returned to the forefront of ministry made possible only when Church of God congregations rally together. Once again, the Church of God is fighting side by side not only to raise awareness of trafficking, but also to attack the issue at its root. On March 5, 2017, Church of God congregations across North America and beyond showed the same video announcing the launch of Trafficklight 2.0. Many also gave financially to support the Church of God initiative as they renewed their commitment to engage the battle—even in front of screens both large and handheld. The Holy Spirit’s presence was palpable, and several churches have already shared stories of God’s hand at work. Continue reading

Why I Ask My Worship Team to Be a Little Disingenuous


By Neil Oldham

What?! Disgusting! Didn’t Jesus rail against hypocrites, actors, and the disingenuous religious leaders of his day? Yes, he did. Yet I’ve sat across from my team as they’ve looked at me with uncertainty and said, “What you’re asking—I’d feel like I was being disingenuous.” But I keep on asking because I believe we’ve lost sight of what it means to do our job. Continue reading