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New Book Explores, Unpacks R-Rated Bible Stories


Book cover: Bible Stories for Strong Stomachs

By Carl Stagner

Though both children and adults love the Church of God classic, Egermeier’s Bible Story Book was clearly written with children in mind. By contrast, a new release from prolific author and Church of God theologian Barry Callen is a Bible story book neither for young eyes, nor for the faint of heart. Did you know the Bible talks about crushing the skulls of men and babies? When was the last time you heard a sermon on the curse of the she-bears? When selecting a romantic line of poetry to recite to your significant other, do you follow the biblical example of saying that your bowels moved for him or her? With attention to detail and a whimsical style all his own, Barry Callen offers both theological insights and practical application for these and more incredibly weird passages of Scripture in Bible Stories for Strong Stomachs. Continue reading

Church of God Pastor’s Wife Pens Mystery Novel


By Carl Stagner

Watch out. There’s a pastor’s wife on the loose, and she’s wanted for the murder of an old high school friend. But she claims innocence. Yet while she attempts to discover who actually committed the crime, she puts herself in grave danger. Fortunately the experiences of this pastor’s wife are purely fictional, but the author who penned the new mystery novel from the perspective of the parsonage is 100-percent real. Carole Morden, wife of South Side Church of God pastor John Morden in St. Louis, Missouri, dared to practice what she preached to her small group and, as a result, saw her manuscript get published. Continue reading