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Arizona Youth Groups Band Together, Experience Revitalization


Photo: Youth worship at Arizona Youth Camp 2016.

By Carl Stagner

Incredible things happen when churches sacrifice their own agendas and ministry plans to unite under the banner of Christ. Apart from each other, congregations are making great strides to advance the kingdom. But together, they can do what none could accomplish alone. In Arizona, students and youth leaders are setting the example for their older counterparts. Organized youth gatherings had ceased, yet the need for relational connectivity was palpable. The budget for a major production did not exist but, working together, several churches could make a life-changing convention possible. For the past five years, they’ve made it a reality. Continue reading

CHOG Congregations Sustain Flood Damage: How You Can Help


Photo: Flooded auditorium at Mountain Park Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief Committee has been made aware that Church of God congregations in three states have sustained major flood damage in the past month. Damage reports have been received from Little Paint Church of God in East Point, Kentucky; Mountain Park Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona; and the Christian school at Fairview Church in Seattle, Washington. The extensive damage at each of these facilities is not covered by insurance. Continue reading

Flood Damages Arizona Church: How You Can Help


Photo: Mountain Park Church’s flooded auditorium on September 8, 2014.


Daily rainfall records were shattered across the Phoenix metro area in central Arizona on Monday, September 8. As a result, flash flooding damaged homes, businesses, and churches across the region known as the Valley of the Sun. Mountain Park Community Church sustained damage estimated to be as much as two million dollars. Like most properties in the urban oasis surrounded by desert, this Church of God congregation on the south side of Phoenix was not covered by flood insurance. Continue reading