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Arizona Youth Groups Band Together, Experience Revitalization


Photo: Youth worship at Arizona Youth Camp 2016.

By Carl Stagner

Incredible things happen when churches sacrifice their own agendas and ministry plans to unite under the banner of Christ. Apart from each other, congregations are making great strides to advance the kingdom. But together, they can do what none could accomplish alone. In Arizona, students and youth leaders are setting the example for their older counterparts. Organized youth gatherings had ceased, yet the need for relational connectivity was palpable. The budget for a major production did not exist but, working together, several churches could make a life-changing convention possible. For the past five years, they’ve made it a reality. Continue reading

Turning Hearts and Minds Toward God in Worship


By Joe Webb and Matt Anderson

The Phoenix metro area, which includes Scottsdale, has long been a part of the ten most unchurched cities in the United States (according to Barna and Pew Research, among others). It’s also been known as one of the least Bible-minded cities. Beyond the research and the numbers are people who aren’t just staying away from church and the Bible; they aren’t even aware of God and his love for them. Continue reading