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Building Up to IYC2018: Indiana Church Breathes Life into Students, Community

Renovation at the new NSpire Church location.

By Carl Stagner

The Latin word spīrāre inspired the name of the Church of God in Westfield, Indiana, now known as NSpire Church. In the Hebrew and Greek, its meaning is understood as having to do with breath, life, wind, and the Spirit. Building up to IYC2018 (July 2–5), the church is preparing to work with IYC students by hosting an Indianapolis-area Impact Day project. As the church transitions out of a season of building and expanding, their partnership with the International Youth Convention is but an extension of who they already are. Leading into a new season of outreach, NSpire Church is breathing life into their community and will soon breathe life into the lives of teenagers attending IYC. Continue reading

Church Merger a Stark Contrast to Divided Culture


Photo: Brad Ruggles (left) and Matt Gaylor (right) celebrate unity!

By Carl Stagner

“People can find all kinds of reasons to be divided today. But we found one to be united.” Matt Gaylor, engagement pastor of the new Nspire Church in Westfield, Indiana, couldn’t be more excited about what God is up to in the growing city just north of Indianapolis. As the pastor who helped restart and reclaim New Life Church of God as CitySpring Church in the early part of this decade, Matt had every reason to continue down the successful path he was on. But God had other plans. These plans wouldn’t involve him leaving CitySpring, but they would involve change. And they would prove to be a powerful witness for Christ. Continue reading

Indiana Church Awarded Community Partner of the Year


Photo: Toddler finds an Easter egg at CitySpring, Easter 2015.

By Carl Stagner

If your church were to close its doors, would anyone notice? Would anyone outside of the congregation care?

You may have been asked these questions before. Or, perhaps this is the first time you’ve considered the implications of such congregational introspection. CitySpring, a Church of God congregation in Westfield, Indiana, has asked these questions several times. So they came up with a wild idea: instead of starting a bunch of outreach programs they were interested in, they would ask the local government what the city needed. Just a couple of years later, the church is humbled to receive the first-ever Partner of the Year award. Continue reading