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Church of God in Latin America Experiences Robust Growth

Photo: Bolivia national camp meeting, Easter 2017.

By David Miller

A report on the “220 Challenge”—Desafío 220 in Spanish—presented to the 2017 Inter-American Conference (IAC), a representative assembly of the nineteen countries in the region, suggests that the Latin American church has grown by nearly one-fifth since 2011. Continue reading

The Gospel Trumpet in Cuba


Cuban pastor with recent editions of La Trompeta. The magazine is currently produced in Argentina by editor Omar Borke.

By David Miller

Editor’s note—We recognize that, among a number of international developments in recent months, Cuba has been in the news and on the hearts of many believers. Here’s the story of how one Church of God publication is making an impact on the region, including an opportunity for you to get involved.

“We want to let you know that we continue to receive the magazine La Trompeta, which is a great blessing. Pray for us, that the Lord will train us more every day in his Word.”

“I always share articles from La Trompeta with my brothers and sisters in the faith, so they can know more of the Word for their edification.”

Letters like these from Christian believers in Cuba arrive in a steady stream at the editor’s desk of the official Spanish-language magazine of the Church of God. Named for its English forerunner, The Gospel Trumpet, La Trompeta has been an enduring encouragement to Cuban Christians for more than sixty years. Continue reading

Honoring Elvira Firestone, CHOG Pioneer Missionary to Bolivia


Photo: Elvira Firestone

Elvira Englund Firestone, pioneer missionary to Bolivia, passed from earth on September 20, 2014, in her home in Santa Cruz, Bolivia at the age of 95.

Born and raised in the U.S. state of Missouri, Elvira arrived in Bolivia in 1946 with her husband Homer Firestone, who had survived a nearly fatal attack of appendicitis during the voyage by sea. The Firestones went on to plant the Church of God Holiness in Bolivia, an indigenous “people movement” that would eventually outgrow its mother church in the United States. Continue reading