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Evangelism, Revival Key Themes at KIST as Semester Concludes


Photo: Open-air evangelism gives practical experience to students.

By Ernie and Lori Nicholas

Field experience provides students opportunities to expand upon what is learned in the classroom. Shown above is the evangelism class involved in an open-air service situated just above the main road junction market in Majengo. The students assisted the Vihiga Church of God with its outreach in this community, resulting in several being added to the church. Pastor Steve, a graduate of Kima International School of Theology (KIST) in Kenya, was excited about the potential ministries these students opened for his church. KIST’s mission is to assist in developing effective and influential servant leaders for the church here in East Africa. Continue reading

Behind-the-Scenes Missions: MKs, Third-Culture Kids, and Chameleons


By Carl Stagner

The limelight rarely falls on them. Pastors and churches know their parents, who were called to the mission field. But did they feel called, too? Those born away from home or brought to the field at a young age have no idea what they’re getting into. Whether they like it or not, they’re along for the ride—often the ride of a lifetime. Some may feel forgotten or ignored in the name of mission and ministry. But they are not forgotten. They have value and they are loved. Former missionary kid (MK), Nate Edwards is a mental health counselor for Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, one of the largest boarding schools of missionary kids in the world. Also considered a third-culture kid, Nate knows both the joys and challenges of having a foot in two, three, or more cultures. Three-and-a-half years into his appointment by Global Strategy, he’s offering a glimpse into the life of the third-culture kid and his unique ministry. Continue reading

Rose Chemegemet Named Principal Designate of KIST


By Mike and Heather Webb

In the hills of Kisumu, on the western coast of Kenya, Kima International School of Theology (KIST) stands as a landmark in the community. It’s been there for more than twenty years, and the goal has always been the same: be an excellent school of theology led by Africans that trains Church of God leaders in Africa. Over the past several months, the school, under the direction of the board of governors, has been making significant strides toward accomplishing the goal of African leadership. On November 13, 2015, Rose Chemegemet accepted an invitation from the board to be appointed principal designate. She will undergo eighteen months of strategic and specific training so that she is fully equipped to become the first African principal of KIST in July 2017. Continue reading

I Can See! A Story of Hope from the Mission Field


By Lori Nicholas

Jackson Inyangala. I may not always remember that name, but I’m sure I’ll remember him for a very long time. Jackson is a student here at KIST [Kima International School of Theology, Kenya] who came to the clinic one day stating, “My teacher said I should come see you for my eyes.” He went on to tell me that other students could read what was written on the chalkboard from their seats, but he had to walk up to the board to read it. Continue reading

Update from Bob and Jan Edwards, KIST


Photo: Jan and Bob Edwards

By Bob Edwards

Bob and Jan Edwards recently returned to Kenya for a four-month stay as consultants at KIST. The following is their latest update:

Jan and I have been here at Kima for a bit over one week. We are settling into the International House, making it our home for the next four months. It is fully furnished and comfortable. The drenching African rains have begun in earnest, the dark black clouds at each evening just before sunset. It refreshes the earth, and fills the rain tanks that we depend upon for our water supply. Electricity is a bit of an issue. It is intermittently on and off. It has been interesting to Jan and me how the simple pleasures of electricity and water bring gladness to the soul. The rain brings wonderful life to the land. Electricity brings light in the darkness. Continue reading

KIST Announces Indigenous Leadership

Rose Chemegemet 1_FORWEB

Photo: Rose Chemegemet

Since the mid-1990s, Kima International School of Theology has prepared students from Kenya and all over Africa for a life of service to God and their communities. KIST has faced several challenges through the years, but through the grace of God and continued support, it is overcoming them. The school recently named a Kenyan graduate, who is also a female, as academic dean. The shift to indigenous leadership continues as KIST prepares to fill the position of principal. Continue reading



Continue to pray for the ministry at Kima International School of Theology.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our KIST family, in particular KIST security guard Joab Ananda, who sustained serious injuries while preventing a robbery attempt on Saturday at the campus. Mr. Ananda is being treated at a hospital in Kisumu, where doctors are expecting a full recovery. Because of his actions, the culprits fled the campus and no one else was injured. Continue reading

Fruit Bats, KIST, and the Church of God

July 23, 2013

Fruit Bats.jpg

By Ruben Schwieger

While I was away in Anderson, Indiana, at the Global Gathering in June, swarms of fruit bats filled the trees on campus back at KIST. As I returned, they were still here chattering and hanging in clumps. These big creatures have a wingspan of up to two feet. They have furry faces and big ears. I suspect that with their design, they must be able to hear the mangoes ripening. Continue reading

New Missionary-Elect: Nathan Edwards


Global Missions of Church of God Ministries has appointed Nathan Edwards to serve as a Special Assignment Missionary (SAM) to Kenya for two years. He will serve as a counselor for students at Rift Valley Academy. He will also serve the Church of God in the area of member care of missionary kids (MKs) in Africa. He was appointed June 19th, 2012 and hopes to begin service in November, 2012. Continue reading