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Refugees Find Community through the Church of God in Germany

Ken & Keli with extended family of John & Rhonda in their home.

Over the last couple years, the Church of God Disaster Relief fund has provided matching funds to the German national church to support strategic refugee initiatives launched by local German congregations in response to the refugee crisis there. At the invitation and hospitality of the German Church of God, Ken and Keli Oldham (Global Strategy) were able to follow up with a few of these ministries this summer. They witnessed the German church developing significant relationships with refugees as they have sought not just to serve their needs, but to include them into their fellowships. Continue reading

Egypt: In the Shadow of Heartache


By Ken Oldham

Yes, trouble and tragedy still rage in certain sections of Cairo, north of us.

Yes, government buildings, checkpoints, and churches are still guarded against the threat of attack.

Yes, the interim government is unhappy with the international response, as stated by the president’s office in the international press conference today. Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood and other supporters blame the United States and other countries for contributing to the state of the country today.

Yes, the state of emergency and curfew continue, and there is no conceivable end in sight to all that has been transpiring over the past few weeks. Continue reading