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Urban Missions: Ohio Church Buys Two Inner-City Homes, Commissions Residents


By Serena Ellens

What does it mean to be a missionary on the home front—on our very own American soil? The church often hears about missionaries that travel to exotic locations and third-world countries to spread the gospel. While their work is absolutely vital, sometimes we as Christians in the United States forget the importance of mission work in our own nation. As present trials continue to ravage the country and draw people farther and farther away from the church, the emphasis on home missions is becoming increasingly imperative in our efforts to spread the hope of Christ. Continue reading

Church of God Convention 2015: Celebrating CHOG TraffickLight

TraffickLight_banner_ BW_FORWEB

By Carl Stagner

It’s been nearly a year since the Church of God took a stand against human trafficking and for the cause of freedom. CHOG TraffickLight mobilized the movement in a way that many have observed as unprecedented. Since Church of God Convention 2014, congregations have collectively raised the banner of Jesus Christ and worked together as his hands and feet. The Church of God continues in the footsteps of Christ as his kingdom advances, reclaiming in Jesus’ name that which hell has stolen. At this year’s Church of God Convention, we’ll come together to celebrate what the Lord has accomplished through us. Continue reading

Church on the Street to Host Reconciliation and Justice Academy


Photo: Andy Odle (right) sharing community with the most vulnerable in Atlanta, Georgia.

By Carl Stagner

In 2013, the Global Gathering of the Church of God held its Global Forum on the subject of reconciliation. In 2014, Church of God Convention attendees were introduced to a form in which reconciliation could be lived out—in awareness and action concerning human trafficking. This May, the Church of God has an opportunity to dig deeper into what it means to be reconciled to God and neighbor. Church of the Street in Atlanta, Georgia, will host the Reconciliation and Justice Academy, May 11–15. Not just another conference, this experience is designed to be a weeklong intensive for those who really want to join with the most vulnerable among us to collectively develop the heart and habits of our Lord Jesus Christ. Continue reading

The Grim Reality of Human Trafficking


By Mary Hutchison

The first time I came in contact with a human trafficking victim was in 2009. My detective called me around 2:00 AM to report that a young woman had been found and that the detective believed her to be a victim of human trafficking. BA’s story is one that will remain with me always. BA was taken because her mother owed a drug debt. BA had done nothing wrong. Initially, the trafficker kept her in an apartment on the west side of Indianapolis, making her strip at night at a local club. While working, the trafficker always had someone watching over her, someone taking all her money to make sure she didn’t run. The trafficker would make her have sex with his friends in front of a group of people, make her sit around naked, and make her kiss a bullet every day. Kissing the bullet was to let her know that he was the one that would kill her if she ever tried to run. Eventually, the trafficker wanted more money and forced her into prostitution. Her rescue came when one of the people helping the trafficker called the police on an unrelated matter and the police found her hiding in the bottom of the bathtub. Continue reading