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Site of Warner Auditorium Reclaimed with Prayer, Given Life Again

By Carl Stagner

In 2006, Warner Auditorium, which housed the Church of God Convention (“camp meeting”) since the early 1960s, came down. Asbestos had claimed the structure, deeming the “the dome” unsafe for occupancy. But before the dome, there was the “old tabernacle.” This iconic structure, too, met an untimely demise after a snowstorm claimed it. In recent years, the site has remained empty and relatively lifeless. But Anderson University has recently given new life to the plot of land, reclaiming and rededicating those holy grounds for prayer. Continue reading

AU’s President Pistole Provides Vision for School’s Second Century

Anderson University President John Pistole

By Kylie Osborne

Distinctive. Compelling. Relevant. When President John Pistole stepped onto campus as head of Anderson University in 2015, those three values were his compass for what he would strive for the university to be. “In everything we do, how can we be a distinctive, compelling, and relevant institution?” In his first three years with AU, Pistole and his staff have found a multitude of answers. Continue reading

AU Presidential Search Committee Nominates Dr. John S. Pistole


Photo: John S. Pistole

The Anderson University Presidential Search Committee, chaired by AU board member Patricia Seasor Bailey, will bring the name of Dr. John S. Pistole before the Board of Trustees for election as the president of the university on Oct. 27. Dr. Pistole most recently announced his retirement as Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Prior to his appointment to the TSA by President Barack Obama and confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Dr. Pistole served as Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the Bush and Obama administrations. Continue reading

On Eagle’s Wings: TSA Admin John Pistole’s Church of God Roots


Photo: John S. Pistole (TSA)

By Carl Stagner

Did you know that the current administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) finds his roots in the Church of God? He’s the son of a Church of God pastor and graduate of Anderson University. Some of his earliest memories take him back to Park Place Church of God in Anderson, and today he connects from time to time with the Church of God in Fairfax, Virginia. Every day John Pistole is faced with tremendous challenges and great responsibility. He credits the Lord and the Church of God for preparing him for the task. Continue reading