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Gathering Connects, Trains Young Leaders Across Europe, Middle East

Photo: Multinational prayer at the gathering.

By Carl Stagner

Across much of Europe and the Middle East, evangelical Christians compose only 0.25 to 4 percent of the population. While young Christians in North American have been given the opportunity to experience worship and fellowship with thousands of other believers—such as IYC—many Christians across European and Middle Eastern countries have never been in the same room with more than a dozen young adults who share their faith. The presence, support, and comradery of other believers is often a breath of fresh air among those for whom isolation is the norm. The second gathering of the Three Worlds Leadership Network commenced in beautiful Switzerland in early May this year, bringing with it that much-needed breath of fresh air. Continue reading

Turning Hearts and Minds Toward God in Worship


By Joe Webb and Matt Anderson

The Phoenix metro area, which includes Scottsdale, has long been a part of the ten most unchurched cities in the United States (according to Barna and Pew Research, among others). It’s also been known as one of the least Bible-minded cities. Beyond the research and the numbers are people who aren’t just staying away from church and the Bible; they aren’t even aware of God and his love for them. Continue reading