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Convention 2019 Welcomes Return of Beloved Heritage Sing

Joe Gregory leads the event back in 2011.

By Carl Stagner

At Christmastime, it’s music which inspires the heart and stirs the soul for the season. Throughout the year, music activates memories and improves mood. In worship, it’s a vehicle of praise, adoration, and thanksgiving to the Lord Most High. But perhaps like no other genre of music, it is the heritage songs, in particular, that communicate the theology and core doctrines of the Church of God movement. These songs resonate warmly with the Christian experience, telling in joyful tones all Jesus is, what he has done, and what he promises to do. Powerful new songs may be heard more often today in most of our congregations, but the heritage songs have proved timeless through the years. That’s why Church of God Ministries is excited to announce the highly anticipated return of the beloved Heritage Sing to the Church of God Convention next June. Continue reading

Missouri Church Takes Bold Step to Eliminate Debt

Photo: First Church mortgage going up in flames.

By Carl Stagner

Two thousand years ago, Jesus paid the debt we could not pay. His victory over death became our victory, setting us free to experience new life and share it with others. Until freedom reigns, debt has a way of holding us back, enslaving us to our past. First Church of God in Jefferson City, Missouri, found themselves in this very predicament. While thankful for the grace that covers their spiritual debt, the debt that stared them down, barring the way forward, was financial. This debt kept them from experiencing God’s best and embracing the future he’d planned for them. Then, early last year, the capital city congregation fixed their eyes on Christ and boldly stepped out of the boat. Continue reading

Sing Your Theology at CHOG Convention 2015


Photo: Joe Gregory directs the Heritage Sing-Along at CHOG Convention 2014.

By Carl Stagner

The social media savvy have come to expect a certain “blast-from-the-past” every Thursday. Popularly known as Throwback Thursday, hashtag (#) TBT, these weekly tweets and Facebook posts take followers and fans back in time. On Church of God social media pages, these posts sometimes take us back as much as a century. More often than not, #ThrowbackThursday highlights one classic hymn or spiritual song written by one or more of several Church of God heritage songwriters, including Barney E. Warren and Charles W. Naylor. Church of God Convention 2015 is your opportunity to do more than just stare at a scanned page from the hymnal. On Wednesday, June 24, plan to join director Joe Gregory and accompanist Jean Shackleton for a morning of singing the timeless hymns of our heritage at CHOG Convention 2015. Continue reading

Heritage Sing-Along 2014 Promises Unity and Harmony

NAC 2011 Heritage Sing Joe Gregory_FORWEB

Photo: Joe Gregory leads the Heritage Sing-Along at NAC 2011.

By Carl Stagner

Nearly every Church of God Convention since the turn of the century has featured a Heritage Sing-Along. From its humble beginnings inside Anderson University’s Byrum Hall, to the golden years at Park Place Church of God, Reardon Auditorium, and Madison Park Church of God, the Heritage Sing-Along has remained a constant. As a special activity during the Church of God Convention 2014, the Heritage Sing-Along will take place at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City. Host Joe Gregory looks forward to another great opportunity to worship the Lord in unity—and four-part harmony. Continue reading

Inspired by the Joy


By Carl Stagner

Is it the great gathering of the saints to worship the Lord? Is it the hundreds of voices lifted heavenward in beautiful four-part (or five- or six-part) harmony? Is it the message of the salvation, unity, and holiness expressed through rich poetry? Is it the interweaving of the history of the church into the experience? Or is it the celebratory atmosphere of the song leaders, musicians, and the congregation? Continue reading