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History Channel Series About Jesus’ Life Features AU Professor

Dr. Kimberly Majeski, associate professor of biblical studies, was recently invited by Nutopia films to contribute as a New Testament scholar in Jesus: His Life. This eight-part series to be aired on History, beginning March 25 and concluding on April 15, will bring together some of the world’s top scholars, historians, and faith leaders from diverse perspectives to tell the story of Jesus in a new and enlightening way. Continue reading

From the Archives: The Annual Christmas Rush

By Gary L. Kendall

Christmastime always brings a mixture of emotions for me. I love to celebrate the Lord’s birth and it is a thrill to see so many catch God’s spirit of giving. People seem to smile more, laugh more easily, and enjoy life more in general during this season. But life always takes on a hectic side, too, with packed parking lots, people standing impatiently in checkout lines, and advertisers rudely taking advantage of our generosity. Unfortunately, this frantic flurry often overshadows that little town of Bethlehem lying so still and peaceful, nestled back in the hills. Continue reading

Missouri Church Takes Bold Step to Eliminate Debt

Photo: First Church mortgage going up in flames.

By Carl Stagner

Two thousand years ago, Jesus paid the debt we could not pay. His victory over death became our victory, setting us free to experience new life and share it with others. Until freedom reigns, debt has a way of holding us back, enslaving us to our past. First Church of God in Jefferson City, Missouri, found themselves in this very predicament. While thankful for the grace that covers their spiritual debt, the debt that stared them down, barring the way forward, was financial. This debt kept them from experiencing God’s best and embracing the future he’d planned for them. Then, early last year, the capital city congregation fixed their eyes on Christ and boldly stepped out of the boat. Continue reading

From the Archives: Lord or Celebrity?


By Dan Harman

The magazine pages were dazzling with the color photos of the great event: a reception for the public by the queen of England. One photo showed a reigning star of the movies bowing low before her majesty. Another showed a tall military leader standing in awe before the queen. The long line was filled with the famous people of our day. Each one thrilled to touch the hand of the great lady. Continue reading

From the Archives: Core Questions We Must Ask About Our Movement


By John Boedeker

“The Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come!’” The church of the living God has always had a life-changing message. Come to the Bread of Life! Come to the Living Water! Come to the Prince of Peace! Come and you will be satisfied, and sent to say, “Come” to others.

The church lives in a world of crisis and need as if it has a right to exist in, of, and for itself to support its own interests. Apart from the indwelling, cleansing, enabling breath of the living God, the church has no life. Continue reading

Protective Beads Versus a God of Protection


By LeAnn Sellers

As our night guard left at 6:30 AM, I told him goodbye and to have a good day. Little did we  know what would transpire in his life in just a few short hours.

Salomon went home, but he needed to see another man in the church. He took off on his motorcycle around 8:00 AM. He was stopped at a stop sign watching the cross traffic. A taxi was going to pass in front of him at a rather fast speed. At the same time, a pickup truck was approaching the stop sign on the opposite side of the street from Salomon. The truck did not stop and the taxi hit the back end of the truck, sending it spinning toward Salomon. As the truck was coming toward him, Salomon only had time to say, “Oh, Lord,” as the truck knocked the motorcycle over, taking Salomon under the truck for several meters. Salomon remembers hearing the truck motor running and saying to himself, “I am still alive!” Continue reading