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From the Archives: The Church of the Living God

By Wayne M. Warner

Calvary knew neither candle nor cathedral. Roman overseas veterans crucified Jesus on crossbars between two filching thieves. This took place near the city dump of a community so cosmopolitan that Jesus’ title was lettered in three languages. Calvary provided a hangout for beatniks and social dropouts who ran the gamut of smut and filth. Thieves cursed. Soldiers gambled. Ladies avoided the place, but God was there. It was the place where Jesus died. Continue reading

Tornadoes, Flooding Wreak Havoc Across Plains, Midwest

Dayton-area home damaged by tornado (photo courtesy Chris Hall).

By Carl Stagner

UPDATE, as of May 31, 11:15 AM EDT: As floodwaters continue to devastate parts of Oklahoma, Church of God Ministries has authorized $5,000 in relief funds to be sent to aid relief efforts in coordination with Crossings Community Church (Oklahoma City) and First Church of God (Nowata, Oklahoma). Wendell Abbott, pastor in Nowata, reports that the need is great and most homeowners do not have flood insurance. The emergency manager for the county is also a part of the Nowata congregation and the church has become a staging facility for the Red Cross. In Muskogee, also inundated, Pastor Gary Underwood of Eastside Community Church is helping flood victims in a variety of ways, including gathering hay for farm animals. While the story continues to develop, we rejoice that great things are happening through the Church of God in Oklahoma in the name of Jesus! To continue to distribute disaster relief funds, we need your financial support: www.jesusisthesubject.org/disaster-relief.

UPDATE, as of May 30, 3:55 PM EDT: Kevin Clouse, of Oklahoma Church of God Ministries, has reported that no Church of God buildings have been damaged from recent storms and flooding. One pastor’s rented house sustained some roof damage, and some churches are hard to reach due to flooded roads. Of course, numerous homes and churches beyond the Movement have been damaged or destroyed, and we continue to lift in prayer those affected, including Church of God congregations engaging in relief efforts for their communities.

ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT: It’s been a rough few weeks from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania and states in between. While weather records reveal an average of 276 tornadoes nationwide during the month of May, as of May 29, more than 460 tornadoes had been reported. While much of the media has focused its attention on the dramatic destruction of structures due to recent tornadic activity, parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri remain underwater. Church of God congregations near and far from the affected regions have already mobilized work teams, supply drives, and represented Jesus in tangible ways, but there is so much more to be done. Church of God Disaster Relief continues to gather information and determine the scope of the affect of such severe weather on our churches and congregants. Continue reading

Baptism, Spiritual Growth Coincide with Ohio Church’s ‘Jesus B.’ Series


Photo: Pastor Josh with three newly baptized believers.

By Carl Stagner

Pastor Josh Chaffin has made it clear that he wants to do whatever he can to spread the good news that Jesus is the subject and is still in the business of changing lives. This Creston Community Church pastor rejoices to report evidence for such a claim among the Church of God congregation he serves in the small town of Creston, Ohio. As it turns out, some of the most recent evidence of God’s hand at work at Creston surfaced when Pastor Josh began preaching a series based on the book by Jim Lyon, Jesus B. Certainly the book itself has no intrinsic power. But the biblically based concepts illustrated through the pages of this Church of God Convention 2015 freebie were tools in the hands of the Lord to touch a handful of lives—even as the series opened on April 10. Compelled to follow Jesus’ example in baptism, three believers were baptized two weeks later. But the story behind the story reveals again how God often works in mysterious ways. Continue reading

New Book by Jim Lyon Challenges Believers to ‘Jesus B.’

JesusB_by_Jim Lyon_FORWEB

A new book by Jim Lyon, general director of Church of God Ministries, challenges Christians to act with the boldness of Jesus Christ in today’s world. Jesus B. takes the reader through the gospel of Matthew, where Jesus tells his disciples, “I will send you out to fish for people” (Matt 4:19) and challenges us to be “as shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves” (Matt 10:16 NIV) to accomplish his will in the days to come. Continue reading