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Japan Celebrates Increasing Number of Women in Ministry

Gathering of pastors in Japan, summer 2019.

By Carl Stagner

So much took place during Convention 2019 and General Assembly, and so much has been said about our experience together in Orlando. In all the recap and review, we certainly don’t want to overlook the international component of this pivotal gathering. Sure, there were 180 guests and a couple speakers from outside the United States and Canada. More missionaries were present than at any convention in recent memory, and a global dialogue brought some exciting new ideas to the fore. But there were testimonies given and stories shared of God at work around the world, too. One was the report of the growing representation of women among clergy in the Church of God in Japan. Continue reading

Japan Congregation Embraces Opportunities to Give Life

Children enjoying a meal provided by the church.

By Bernie and Akiko Barton

April is a time of new beginnings in Japan, with a new school year and the start of a new fiscal year. At Futsukaichi Eiko Christ Church, a new community outreach ministry began this April—Flowers of the Field Meal Service. With more families needing dual incomes these days, kids often don’t have family meal times. Throughout Japan there is a push for meal services to help provide kids with stable, nutritional meals. Our church has started the only meal service in our immediate community. We provide a low-cost, nutritious meal, two Friday evenings a month. The response has been surprising, with almost twenty coming each time so far. Please pray for our pastor’s wife, Kazuko Numa, as she leads this ministry and for church volunteer staff as we relate to our neighbors who join us for supper. Continue reading

Soldier-Turned-Pastor Washes Feet of World War II Enemies


Photo: Felipe’s Bible (left); picture of Felipe & Mitsuo Fuchida (right).

By Carl Stagner

We cherish the stories of God’s grace and power at work among his people. They have become a part of who we are. We’re eternally grateful to God for preserving his Word through the ages, often in spite of opposition. We’re thankful for our church historians and writers who have told and retold the stories of our pioneer pastors and missionaries in the Church of God. From the biblical narrative, to our earliest days as a movement, to the kingdom activity of our local churches and missionaries today, such stories inspire us, remind us of God’s faithfulness, and bind us together. This year the gripping account of a World War II-ravaged Filipino pastor has come to light. It’s a story which few have heard, but no doubt one for the history books. Continue reading

Disaster Relief Update: Earthquakes in Myanmar, Japan, and Ecuador


Photo: Earthquake damage in Ecuador (photo posted by Jon Lambert).

The week of April 10 saw major earthquakes around the world, including three areas around where the Church of God has a presence: Myanmar, affecting much of the surrounding region, including Meghalaya, India, and Bangladesh; Kyushu, Japan’s southern island; and Ecuador.

Often, in the short term, there is little detailed information as news trickles in slowly, sometimes due to geographical isolation, and sometimes due to the destruction. You can contribute at any time to the Disaster Relief Fund at Church of God Ministries. Continue reading

The Church Is Here!


By Bernie Barton
(Missionary to Japan, Pastor of Tamagawa Church of God)

“The church is here! The church is here!”

As Toko-san made her way through the rows of container-like, metal-sided, two-room dwellings, she called out the words that had become good news to these villagers displaced by the power of nature’s wrath.

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake that registered beyond the capability of the seismic scale occurred off the coast of northeastern Japan. Continue reading

Prayer Cranes Full of Hope


By Bryan Hughes

In March of 2013, Lisa Ellison was departing for Japan, where she would begin service as a missionary with Global Missions and Church of God Ministries. As she checked her luggage, her mind was on the hundreds of stowaways she had brought along for the ride. Her stowaways—over eight hundred origami cranes—were moving to Japan with her. Continue reading