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Dentist Delivers Hope, Healing to ISIS-Ravaged Iraq


Photo: David Sperow offers dental services in Iraq.

By Carl Stagner

Some would say only a fool runs into a burning building. But any good parent would brave the blaze to save a son or daughter in danger. In many Middle Eastern countries today, children of the heavenly Father are facing raging infernos on a daily basis. David Sperow, a dentist from Eastland Church of God in Lexington, Kentucky, has discovered that when God’s concerns become our concerns, we look at every soul as worth saving—regardless of the flames that may flare up on all sides. David recently delivered relief supplies to refugees in Iraq who have been displaced by ISIS. Considering what’s at stake, it’s nothing for David Sperow to storm the gates of hell and reclaim what has been stolen. Continue reading

Violence in the Middle East: Update from Egypt


Following the brutal execution of twenty-one Christian Egyptians in Libya, concerns about the safety of the Church of God in the region have been expressed. We give thanks to God that Ken and Keli Oldham, as well as the Church of God congregations in Egypt, are safe. Ken offers the following context for a video update uploaded earlier today: Continue reading

ISIS Crisis Confronted by CHOG Layperson, Pastor


Photo: Medical clinic in northern Iraq.

By Carl Stagner

You’ve seen it on the news. You’ve agonized over the reports of torture and beheadings. You’re aware of how serious the situation in Iraq and Syria has become. Perhaps you’ve been on your knees, petitioning the Lord to provide for the persecuted, to protect the innocents, and to bring peace. If you’ve done so, then your prayers have not gone unanswered. By the prayerful support of men and women across the world, the Lord has granted David Sperow of Eastland Church of God in Lexington, Kentucky, the resources to bring hope to Christian refugees in Iraq. Continue reading