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Carols of a Reformation

By Carl Stagner

Editor’s note—This article from December 2010 was one of the first feature stories Church of God Ministries’ staff writer Carl Stagner ever wrote for the CHOGnews. This year, we bring it back for your Christmastime delight. Enjoy!

The Church of God is known for its singing. Early pioneers of the reformation movement expressed their joy in the Lord through the writing and singing of songs, such as “I’m Redeemed,” “A Child of God,” and “I Will Praise Him, Hallelujah!” Many of the heritage songs of the Church of God are still being sung today. But did you know that these heritage composers wrote Christmas carols? Continue reading

Church of God Hymnal Price Increase Takes Effect July 1


Due to rising print costs, Warner Press must raise the price of the Church of God hymnal to $18.99 as of July 1. This two-dollar adjustment is the first in four years.

Worship the Lord was first published in 1989 and the publisher expected to release a new hymnal sometime in this decade. However, those plans have been shelved due to changing worship patterns. Continue reading