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Hunger Relief Funds Sent to Venezuela

“Christ Loves You” bags for Venezuela.

Venezuela has been experiencing a severe economic crisis since 2014. Hyperinflation is out of control, and regular minimum wage hikes have not kept up with the rising costs of food. It is reported that inflation is approaching 1 million percent annually! For example, in December a bag of sugar cost 500 bolivares soberanos. In the same bag of sugar in January cost 5,000 bolivares soberanos. Continue reading

Serving Hope in Venezuela

Serving food – and hope – in Venezuela.

By Jason and Abby Torgeson

One of the countries of our region that has been making the news lately is Venezuela, and it’s a country that is particularly close to our family’s heart. Abby’s sister Emily studied in Caracas for a year and a half in 2003–04, and Abby had the opportunity to spend a month there in her first real overseas Spanish-immersion experience. Both were struck by the country’s tremendous beauty and rich culture. While the rumblings of discontent were evident even then, it’s been impossible to wrap our minds around the crisis that has exploded there over the past few years. Continue reading

Hunger Relief Desperately Needed Amid Malawi Famine


Photo: Children in Malawi eating lily roots.

By Carl Stagner

Their food supply has been reduced to roots and the occasional tree nut. If devastating, crop-destroying floods weren’t enough last year, extreme drought has now set in across Malawi, especially in the south, which is home to the densest concentration of Church of God congregations. Food sources have dried up, and even the bland water lily bulb root, which is collected from the swamp, is becoming scarce. Desperation is ensuing among families doing whatever they can to provide food for their children. The Church of God is responding, but the need for your support is immediate. Continue reading

Global Gathering Tackles Global Hunger, Clean Water Issues


By Nabil Safi

What better time and place than the Global Gathering of the Church of God to address global hunger and clean water issues. On Monday afternoon, at the Kardatzke Wellness Center, Ray Sanders, CEO of Water4 Foundation (www.water4.org), and John Steffens, of the University of Oklahoma, co-led a session that brought a new perspective to providing clean water and food. Continue reading