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New Initiative Invests in Young Pastors, Church Planters Across Europe

First meeting of Europe X in Budapest, Hungary.

By Carl Stagner

Ministry in Europe and the Middle East looks very little like ministry in other parts of the world. While churches in parts of the world preach and teach the message of Jesus in cultures already somewhat receptive to Christianity, the experience of pastors and church leaders in countries like France and Spain can be drastically different, difficult, and confounding. As a result, limited support structures have existed in recent generations to encourage and equip young men and women called into ministry. To come alongside these developing leaders, the Church of God in twelve countries came together to launch the Three World Leadership Network (3WLN). Since then, Church of God missionaries and young leaders have made strides toward revitalization of the church through partnership, awareness, networking, and encouragement. Earlier this year, they took the next step to invest specifically in young pastors and church planters passionate about multiplication in the midst of a challenging post-Christendom reality. Continue reading

Churches in Europe Taking Risks


Photo: Ostia Church of God in worship.

By Patrick Nachtigall

Can they inspire North American Churches?

A massive refugee crisis, an aging population, economic challenges, and political upheaval are hitting Europe all at the same time. The world does not stay the same. Consequently, the churches that can survive and even flourish are those that are willing to change, take risks, and use crisis to create opportunity. Continue reading

Budapest Lectures Energize the Hungarian Church

By Bryan Hughes

Recently the Church of God in Hungary and the Three-Worlds (3W) region of Global Missions co-hosted The Budapest Lectures. 3W coordinates the ministry of the Church of God across Europe and the Middle East. Ken Oldham, 3W pastor in Egypt, tells us that this is a quarterly event “organized by the Hungarian Church of God to help pour in to the young leaders and pastors within their community.” He continues, “[The lectures] bring specific teachings on short intensive topics that can really equip the leaders and the churches for the future work that they are going to be doing.” Continue reading