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A Tale of Two Extremes: Flooding, Drought Devastate Malawi, Zambia

Residents move to higher ground due to rising floodwaters in Malawi.

By Carl Stagner

A crisis of biblical proportions is ongoing in southern Africa, especially the countries of Malawi and Zambia. Lives have been lost. Storms have collapsed homes belonging to Children of Promise-sponsored children. Flooding has destroyed homes belonging to Church of God pastors and laypeople. Church buildings and facilities have been washed away. Crops—representing the livelihood of countless individuals—have been decimated by rising floodwaters in some areas, while catastrophic drought has rendered other fields worthless. Overall, thousands of Church of God people, and hundreds of thousands of people beyond the movement, have been affected by these atmospheric extremes. Church of God Ministries is sending initial funds to the Church of God in Malawi and Zambia, but so much more is needed. Continue reading

Not Just a Number: Victim Offers View from Post-Harvey Texas

Rockport Church of God building post-Harvey (credit: Cindy West).

By Carl Stagner

She’s been through hurricanes before; this was no ordinary hurricane. Before the Category 4 monster known as Harvey slammed the Texas coast near Rockport on August 25, Vera Predom knew a disaster could be on its way. Having lived in the same Rockport home for nearly thirty years, she’s had plenty of opportunity to observe hurricane behavior. When Hurricane Harvey made “the turn” near Corpus Christi, she realized Rockport was in danger. Little did she know her home would be totally destroyed. Now Vera offers the Church of God a view of post-Harvey Texas through the window a FEMA-designated shelter. Continue reading

ISIS Crisis Confronted by CHOG Layperson, Pastor


Photo: Medical clinic in northern Iraq.

By Carl Stagner

You’ve seen it on the news. You’ve agonized over the reports of torture and beheadings. You’re aware of how serious the situation in Iraq and Syria has become. Perhaps you’ve been on your knees, petitioning the Lord to provide for the persecuted, to protect the innocents, and to bring peace. If you’ve done so, then your prayers have not gone unanswered. By the prayerful support of men and women across the world, the Lord has granted David Sperow of Eastland Church of God in Lexington, Kentucky, the resources to bring hope to Christian refugees in Iraq. Continue reading