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Trafficking Victims Find Hope, Healing at Reclaim 2017 Host-City Haven

Photo: Mentoring based on God’s Word at Hope Ranch.

By Carl Stagner

In February 2015, we first shared the story of how Hope Ranch for Women in Wichita, Kansas, came to be. A little over two years later, their story of reclaiming what hell has stolen from the lives of victims of exploitation continues to unfold. With its origins in one of several strong Church of God congregations in Wichita—Christ Church—Hope Ranch will be celebrated at Church of God Convention 2017 for its highly effective ministry. Those who attend the Freedom Summit on Friday, June 23, will also have the chance to tour their life-giving campus. Before you go, get to know a bit about the ministry which has forever changed the course of sex trafficking survivors. Continue reading

Setting Captives Free: Hope Ranch’s Mane Objective


Photo: Don, one of Hope Ranch’s horses.

By Carl Stagner

The trauma inflicted upon victims of sex trafficking is often beyond horrific. Women and children as young as eight are forced into situations no one should ever have to experience. The hurt that remains after a victim is rescued runs deep, and emotional and psychological scars are often permanent. Sometimes a counselor can help. Sometimes a psychologist can help. Believers can certainly help to reinforce the hope that is found in Christ. Sometimes, however, the best kind of help comes from a horse. Continue reading