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New Initiative Invests in Young Pastors, Church Planters Across Europe

First meeting of Europe X in Budapest, Hungary.

By Carl Stagner

Ministry in Europe and the Middle East looks very little like ministry in other parts of the world. While churches in parts of the world preach and teach the message of Jesus in cultures already somewhat receptive to Christianity, the experience of pastors and church leaders in countries like France and Spain can be drastically different, difficult, and confounding. As a result, limited support structures have existed in recent generations to encourage and equip young men and women called into ministry. To come alongside these developing leaders, the Church of God in twelve countries came together to launch the Three World Leadership Network (3WLN). Since then, Church of God missionaries and young leaders have made strides toward revitalization of the church through partnership, awareness, networking, and encouragement. Earlier this year, they took the next step to invest specifically in young pastors and church planters passionate about multiplication in the midst of a challenging post-Christendom reality. Continue reading

The Italian Connection: Church of God Developments in Northern Italy


Photo: 70+ youth attended a recent event in Arco, Italy.

By Christy Kihm

The Church of God in northern Italy in many ways is a miracle. In a region where evangelical Christianity is an unpopular minority religion, the two Church of God congregations are drawing dozens of young people to their doors. You may hear dozens and lose interest. But in Europe and the Middle East now, the average size of a church can be twenty. And the average age of those twenty people could be fifty or higher. So dozens of youth who are desiring to be disciple is a very big deal. Continue reading

African Church Joins Holland Church of God


By Patrick Nachtigall

In February, Patrick made a trip to Holland and preached at Eglise La Lumiere du Christ—a Congolese church that has decided to join the Church of God in Holland. Patrick welcomed them into the Church of God family and preached a sermon about the important, catalytic role they can play here in Europe. Located in the town of Geleen, the church is pastored by Jacque Zola, a Congolese who also works full-time and attends seminary in nearby Belgium. Pastor Zola reports that he is thrilled to be connected with the Church of God and appreciates the opportunities for fellowship with the other Holland churches and the wider Church of God network. Their congregation has up to one hundred people on some Sundays and consists entirely of African immigrants. The church will be facing a challenge soon as they will most likely need to find a new building space to rent. Please pray for them. Continue reading