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From the Archives: Unity and Holiness

By Arlo Newell

The church which Jesus founded was built on a basis of unity. We have one Master (Matt 23:8); we are members one of another (Eph 4:25); it is to this one body that we are called (Col 3:15), and this unity is reflected in the life of the local congregation. It is the unity of a body functioning harmoniously, a building being properly joined together in symmetry and cohesiveness, or a marriage in which two have become one flesh (Rom 12:4–5; Eph 2:21–22; 5:31). In each instance the unity is an evidence of a relationship that has both internal and external theological implications. Continue reading

Twenty Pastors Combine Efforts, Offer Movement Free Holiness Devotional

By Carl Stagner

Three pastors walk into a restaurant. They sit down, enjoy lunch together, and chat about life and ministry. Then they start imagining. What if? What would happen if a handful of Church of God ministers came together to create a devotional resource on one of the Movement’s founding emphases, such as holiness? What if younger and older pastors, as well as missionaries and seminary professors, from different backgrounds, all contributed to the final product? What if, then, this resource were offered to the Church of God at no cost? No joke, no kidding! This meeting of longtime ministry colleagues John Mattern, Jonathan Frymire, and David Aukerman turned out to be the catalyst for the creation of a devotional on the topic of holiness, designed for use between Ash Wednesday and Easter. Continue reading

Let Me See Jesus Only: A Blind Pastor’s Journey of Joy


Photo: Pastor John Clegg

By Carl Stagner

John Clegg’s life was unraveling all around him. Years of drug addiction, promiscuity, and worsening eyesight was taking its toll. One fateful day he found himself sitting in his recliner, gun under his chin, ready to end it all right then and there. But that was the old John. That was before Jesus Christ changed his life. Though he cannot see his hand in front of his face today, he looks back and sees God’s fingerprints everywhere. For eighteen years, John has served as pastor of Southside Church of God in Muncie, Indiana. In spite of his blindness, this pastor says he sees farther now than he could ever see before. Continue reading

New Books Bring Color, Clarity to Holiness and Theology


By Carl Stagner

Does holiness still matter? Does your church still preach and teach holiness? What does the Bible really say about the subject? In 2006, the “Holiness Manifesto”—a result of the Wesleyan Holiness Study Project— made it clear that “there has never been a time in greater need of a compelling articulation of the message of holiness.” One of the chief architects of that written work is Barry Callen, highly-regarded in the Church of God for his communication of the truths of the Bible and the Church of God movement. Seven years after the project, Callen believes the opening statement of the “Holiness Manifesto” has never been truer. He has just released a book titled Color Me Holy, which offers a fresh perspective on holiness for today’s reader. Also for today’s reader, he’s penned the practical, easy-to-digest Approaching Theology—a book that proves anyone can grasp the study of God. Continue reading

Women in Ministry Conference Refreshes and Equips


By MaryAnn Hawkins

For twenty years the Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy organization has convened the international Come to the Water conference. This year’s conference gathered at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado, April 11–14, 2013. The theme of the conference was “Rise Up.” Continue reading

Holiness Defined for the 21st Century


By Ronald V. Duncan

One of the most quoted Scriptures on the necessity of holiness in the life of the believer is 1 Peter 1:16: “You must be holy for I am holy.” Holiness is clearly a requirement. It is a scriptural mandate. The difficulty arises in the definition of what holiness means when discussed in cultural context. The Bible is replete with examples and characteristics of a holy life. When the concept or belief of holiness has to take on real world attributes, the believer is drawn to a deeper level of understanding about holiness. Continue reading

Bible Belt Basics


By Carl Stagner

Nestled in the heart of the Ozarks, about a hundred miles southwest of Saint Louis, Missouri, you’ll find the sprawling heartland community of Rolla. The culture oozes traditional values, country kindness, and down-home hospitality. So when Daniel Phillips was called there to pastor, the question on his mind wasn’t whether or not the church’s nativity would be vandalized, but whether people who are familiar with church would move beyond rote religion to revival. To grasp the ministry behind the man, you have to understand the journey that led him to Central Community Church of God. Continue reading

Global Wesleyan Alliance Promotes Collaboration Among Wesleyan-Arminian Groups


Leaders of 18 faith groups convened for meetings of the Global Wesleyan Alliance (GWA) on Friday, November 30, 2012, and Saturday, December 1, 2012, at the headquarters of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union in Circleville, Ohio. The GWA partnership was formed in December 2011 to amplify the prophetic voice of Wesleyan-Arminian holiness ministries and to increase their effectiveness in spreading scriptural holiness throughout the world. Continue reading