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Taboo No More: Oregon Church Boldly Addresses AIDS


Photo: Participants of AIDS Walk Portland 2014.

By Carl Stagner

More than 2,500 miles from Hawaii, a suburban community of fifty thousand inhabitants welcomes visitors with a sign that reads “Aloha.” Though often overshadowed by its well-known neighbor (Portland), Aloha is a city not forgotten by God. Like many metropolitan centers pinched by economic collapse and divided by culture and ideology, Aloha and the Portland metro area are ripe for spiritual harvest. Fueled by mercy and a drive to live out the love of God, Aloha Church of God has dared to walk where many churches simply do not go. Continue reading

Warner Pacific Professor’s Book Explores Theology in the Age of Global AIDS, HIV


Warner Pacific College professor, Dr. Cassie Trentaz, has released a new book; Theology in the Age of AIDS & HIV: Complicity and Possibility. Part of the Content and Context in Theological Ethics Series from Palgrave Macmillan Publishers, Theology in the Age of AIDS & HIV, is a courageous look at how dominant theologies have participated in the creation of ‘risk environments’ for susceptibility to this virus and a call to action, that we would learn how to truly care for one another in this age of global AIDS and HIV. Continue reading