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Radical Generosity: FL Church Raises $162,000 for Local, Foreign Missions


Photo: Mayor Eugene Fultz, of Lake Wales, Florida, expresses publicly his appreciation for the generous community service of HighPoint Church.

By Jack Hilligoss

“We need to give away more money this year than we ever have before.” That declaration, by one of the elders of HighPoint Church of God in Lake Wales, Florida, came in the late summer of 2013. It was the beginning of a year of extraordinary local impact.

The church leaders were struggling to assemble a budget for the coming year and find the dollars that were needed. The biggest ticket item was the mortgage on a new building they constructed in 2008. Often during these difficult budget meetings, the statement had been made, “Just think what God could do with that $144,000 we spend annually on the mortgage.” Continue reading

Compelled by Christ to Curb Sex Trafficking in Honduras


Photo: Anahi with her newborn.

By Jack Hilligoss

When he saw her smile, Keith Barker knew that God was changing Anahi’s life.

Anahi had not smiled once in all her months at Compelled by Christ Children’s Home. But then, life had not given Anahi many reasons to smile. Her father started raping her when she was just a little girl. This is a horrible fate shared by many little girls in Honduras. When she became pregnant, her father kicked her down a set of stairs and she lost the baby. Continue reading