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Arizona Pastors Invite You to the Sunny Southwest

Sunset over the brand-new Mountain Park building.

By Carl Stagner

Yuma, Arizona, is the sunniest city in the United States. Ninety percent of the time, residents bask in sunshine, while even a couple hours to the northeast, the Phoenix area still sees an annual average of 85-percent sunshine. While no meteorologist or travel agency can guarantee beautiful weather, the odds are good that conditions will be pretty incredible for the kickoff Regional Convention of the Church of God in Phoenix, Arizona, April 17–18. I should know; I grew up just northwest of downtown. Continue reading

The Difference is Jesus: Gonzalez Stressed God’s Call to Relationship


By Sam Collins

The Sunday evening service of the North American Convention of the Church of God was all about Jesus. The focus of worship was “Refreshing Our Relationship with Christ” and included Communion, the ordinance in which believers partake of the elements of bread and juice that represent the body and blood of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Hector Gonzalez: NAC 2012 Sunday Evening Speaker


By Carl Stagner

Nueva vida means “new life.” It’s the name of the church Hector Gonzalez planted and has pastored for thirty-four years. It’s also what drives him to keep serving the Lord through changing seasons and circumstances. His relationship with Christ and his ministry experiences have shaped him into a dynamic Christian leader whom God has used to reach souls beyond cultural and ethnic boundaries. For Gonzalez, new life means growing in the likeness of Christ. This enthusiasm for discipleship is nothing short of contagious. Your opportunity to be inspired and glean from the wisdom of this pastor from Glendale, Arizona, is coming at 7 PM EDT on Sunday, June 24, during NAC 2012. Continue reading