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AU Biblical Languages Professor Removes Barriers to Learning

By Carl Stagner

Two years ago, Church of God Ministries celebrated through a CHOGnews article the remarkable kingdom contributions of a blind minister to scholarly Bible study. Already awarded by the National Federation of the Blind, Sarah LaRose never set out to be recognized. This AU School of Theology and Christian Ministry professor had contributed to the improvement of tools commonly used by visually impaired persons to read documents, including the Bible. In the past two years, her love for ancient languages and her love for the Word of God have inspired her to continue doing as much as possible to remove barriers for the blind. One of her most recent accomplishments was translating the two-thousand-page Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English dictionary into braille, resulting in eighty braille volumes. Continue reading

Warner University Reintroduces Greek, Enhances Study of God’s Word

A student studies Greek.

By Tim Dwyer

After a hiatus of several years, Warner University ministry students are tackling Greek once again, preparing themselves to study the New Testament in its original language in depth and in detail. The fall semester began with a bad case of “Greekophobia” for our ministry students—a fear of that ancient language, of how hard it would be, and what it would do to their grades. After eleven weeks, that fear has passed away! Continue reading

Urban Ministry in Greece Reaches Lost, Crosses Borders


By Carl Stagner

Pastor Vassilios Tsirmpas is driven to reach the lost. This lawyer-turned-pastor of the Church of God congregation in Athens, Greece, has determined to engage the culture in community activities that paint Christianity in a new light. While the message remains the same, the gospel is communicated in a way that effectively connects with a world unfamiliar with church. By fostering relationships with the poorest of the poor, building bridges across generational and cultural divides, and taking action to make the community a better place, Vassilios is exemplifying Jesus’ ministry of reconciliation to God and humankind. Continue reading