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Giving Life, Giving All: North Carolina Pastor’s Legacy Pays it Forward

Gary Young (far left) honored on October 6, 2019, by (left to right) Mike Claypool, Ben Shular, and Cornelius Atkinson.

By Carl Stagner

Alvin Young was a Baptist, but she was a part of the Church of God. Fueled by close proximity as neighbors in the North Carolina countryside near the town of Hickory, Alvin’s interest in her meant he would soon be attending the Church of God, too. The shift wasn’t hard for Alvin, though, for besides his love interest eclipsing denominational differences, he found the teachings of the Church of God to be more consistent with Scripture. Marriage soon secured their relationship with each other and the Church of God, but could do very little to secure their finances. While making a measly $1.15 an hour and doing his best to support a growing family, Alvin Young received a call to ministry. Continue reading

Texas Church Cares Where it Counts


By Jonelle Frazier

Whether we want to admit it or not, many community churches have a reputation for being out-of-touch, stale, and just barely scraping by on their ministry quota. Pastor Demetrius Moffett is all about changing that stereotype, as he helps lead his church in a widespread local outreach.

First Church of God in Orange, Texas, has dug deep into the roots of its community, finding many areas where ministry is needed. Among its various outreaches, the church has begun giving free GED courses, substance abuse counseling, and classes for parenting and certified nursing assistance qualification. Continue reading