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South Dakota Church Establishes Partnership with Local School

Harvey Dunn Elementary teachers

By Michael Smith

About a decade ago, Rustic Hills Community Church of God was looking for a practical way to build redemptive relationships in their community. The city of Sioux Falls is a small Midwestern city, but the largest city in South Dakota (population 187,000). There are lots of Christian-based ministry opportunities within the city, but we wanted something more personal, and something that would give us the opportunity to make real relationships. Connecting with one of our area schools seemed like the perfect option for us. Continue reading

Churches Bless Schools, Families as Fall Semester Dawns

Back-to-school haircut at Bedford First Church of God.

By Carl Stagner

Teachers making final preparations for their classes, students dreading the end of summer, parents adjusting to new routines, and school buses on the streets again (drivers, be careful!)—it can only mean one thing: it’s that time of year again! School is back in session or will begin again soon across much of the country, signaling a community-wide shift from one season to the next. Sometimes that shift can be anything but smooth for families, just as it can be for teachers, administrators, and staff. We celebrate the Church of God congregations across the country that recognize the need and do what they can to meet the need. School supply drives, special prayer gatherings, and “back-to-school bashes” are just a few of the ways numerous congregations are coming alongside schools and families as the fall semester dawns. Continue reading

God Particle Contributor-MACU Physics Chair Receives Speaking Honor


Mid-America Christian University (MACU) Physics Chairman Dr. Rahmat Rahmat was recently selected as the distinguished guest at the banquet for the Arkansas-Oklahoma-Kansas chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) fall meeting. Established in 1930, the AAPT is an organization that is designed to unite physics teachers, expand valuable knowledge and overall improve physics education. Dr. Rahmat is most recognized for his work and contributions on the discovery of the God particle in 2012, hailed as the most powerful particle accelerator on the planet. The God particle was the last undiscovered subatomic particle and three years later, physicists are still hard at work on unraveling the workings of this phenomenal discovery. Dr. Rahmat’s dedication to the discovery of this led to his nomination for a Nobel Prize in 2013. Continue reading

MACU Announces New Campus Pastor


Photo: Johnny Bland

After months of prayerfully searching for the right person to fill the vital role of campus Pastor, Mid-America Christian University (MACU) has announced that Johnny Bland has accepted the position.

Bland is a highly respected instructor throughout Oklahoma Christian universities and community. His impressive leadership roles and background include serving at both Southwestern Christian University and MACU, as well as being a sponsor for the international Global Learner program. Continue reading