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Convention 2019 TED Talk Format Speakers Speak Out

Clockwise from upper left: Matt Anderson, Allyson Smith, Jake Zaske, Erin Taylor

By Carl Stagner

The Friday night session of Church of God Convention 2019 & General Assembly is slated to be something very different than the Movement has ever seen. Weaved into an interactive worship experience led by Josh Edington, a TED Talk-style format will give four of the brightest and best younger ministers in the Church of God the opportunity to address the gathering in brief, but engaging conversation. Allyson Smith (Community Church of God, Atlanta, Georgia), Matt Anderson (McDowell Mountain Community Church, Scottsdale, Arizona), Erin Taylor (First Church of God, Alma, Michigan), and Jake Zaske (Indian Creek Community Church, Olathe, Kansas) are looking forward to participating in an evening designed to challenge pastors and lay leaders to breathe, speak, and give life to their churches and communities. In an interview with Church of God Ministries (CGM), each one offers an introduction of who they are and why they’re anticipating Orlando. Continue reading

Erin Taylor: NAC 2012 Saturday Evening Speaker


By Carl Stagner

Erin Taylor is a product of the Church of God. As a pastor’s kid and graduate of Anderson University and the AU School of Theology, she not only has a heart for ministry but also a love for the church. Her call to ministry was affirmed at the International Youth Convention when she was just fifteen, and now she serves as pastor of Christian education at The Church at the Crossing in Indianapolis. She has a remarkable passion for teaching the Word of God and helping the body of Christ apply it to daily life. On Saturday at 7:00 PM, she will take that same passion onto the platform in Reardon Auditorium as she delivers the evening message. Continue reading