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Politics and the Pulpit: Kansas Pastor Runs for Office

Clint McBroom preparing flyers for his campaign.

By Carl Stagner

Some say politics and the pulpit don’t mix. Some say Christians should leave politics to the politicians. Others say whatever they want from the pulpit, even alienating individuals who may not share their perspective. But with Christians, posture and practice concerning politics should be guided from above. That’s the perspective of Clint McBroom, pastor of First Church of God in Newton, Kansas. Believing that Christians should be involved in every arena of life, Clint’s running for city commissioner. As a Christian and pastor first, he’s set out to represent Jesus through his campaign and eager to discover even more ways to serve his community. Continue reading

From the Archives: Concerning Religion and Politics


By Marvin J. Hartman

It is certainly the greatest of understatements for one to say that there are severe pressures on the Christian faith in the world today. A new wave of political and individual struggle for freedom has spilled over into a new inquiry about faith and religion. While this may be disturbing to some, truth need not fear inquiry nor exposure to questioning. We need to remind ourselves that when the inevitable occurs, and tradition and truth come into conflict, it is tradition, comforting though it may be, that has to go. We have much more to fear from ignorance than we do from knowledge. If we really believe as we ought, that there is no conflict between intellectual honesty and the Christian faith, let us welcome rather than resist the present inquiry and struggle. Continue reading

Scottish Referendum: Implications for Church and Society


Photo: Christians in Scotland could not ignore the recent referendum. Dunblane Cathedral, Scotland. (stock image)

By Carl Stagner

On September 18, Scotland held a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. Though a margin of 10 percent gave “No” voters a decisive victory to remain with the UK, the vote revealed a starkly divided nation. Though the vote received relatively little media attention in the United States, much was at stake for the people of Scotland. Now that the referendum has passed, Church of God ministers with connections to Scotland reflect back on the historic day that speaks volumes about church and society. Continue reading